Sunday, November 14, 2021


Eastern Standard Time makes it feel very dark very early.  

The raw antics we hear about -- sometimes called politics-- are also dark, and have been for years.

I figure since I work with photos -- which usually require a decent amount of light -- I can record how, for me, light can do its thing when it's not ignored or taken for granted. 

I remain fascinated by what I see -- and by the way light changes, every minute. I like to work with it, like to leave it alone until another day, like being surprised by it. I even like writing about it.

Sometimes it's the light that hints or insists it is almost ready, and, other times, the show's all over in an instant, to be savored as a memory and a gift.

I've decided to find some recent photos that have been part of my dialogue with the outside.  I don't usually talk about my fascination with natural light, but it regularly willingly works with me and intrigues me. I'm so grateful for its companionship.

one day

It really was this bright and beautiful in the Skaggs' back yard.

Meditation on a tree, as it dances in the changing light:

I can't resist including this photo of the grandparents of the bride, and good friends of mine, The wedding had beautiful weather even in late October, and a delicious home-cooked feast.

These last four photos are from Wednesday night, in Bath County, where there are these mounds, and lots of flat land, and a farm where my granddaughter has been going this fall, after school, to learn to ride a horse. I went with them to see the scene, but the light made it too hard to not make at least a few photos.


into the light

        To end this week, I want to share a photo my dear daughter made on the way home from the riding lesson -- in the public library restroom where we changed into "our civies" for the drive home. A quick generational photo, for fun, AND with plenty of inside light!!  I love that it makes me laugh.



Sunday, October 31, 2021


It's the season, that's the reason, a sort of invasion, an annual ritual to provide the hunter with food for the winter, something that has never interested me to do, even though it doesn't require an A47.

I do know that deer can decimate a garden, eat your sunflower patch in a single night, take over the town, like they have in nearby Morehead, and so are often not very popular.

This happens to be my first post in my blog that I have dedicated to photos of deer.  They surely mean well, but when there are a lot of them...... it's a clash.  I have had some deer visitors these past two weeks, and the big hunting season begins next weekend.  Wear bright colors while out for a walk, and be legal about how you take a deer.  Stay safe. Wonder about Balance and Justice in our world.

Ears on Deer





Two favorite deer photos are to be added once I find them.  I have a lot of photos they can hide among since I don't keep up with my info on the image as well as I could.  In the meantime, I am going to slip in another video that I want to try including, since my last try two weeks ago was a no-go.





Sunday, October 17, 2021

fall, so far: walnuts, those green and mowed fields, beautiful light , and more morning mists than usual

    We are beginning the leaves-fall-off part of autumn but there has already been a lot of beauty and action.  Thanks to morning drives while taking care of the family chickens --- my daughter and her family were away for a few days --- I saw more mist than I might have.  True confession -- I don't often get out early of a morning like I used to just to make a photo.

    Posting on my blog every other week, however, continues to present the challenge of getting everything in I want to share because there can be too much to choose from --- not necessarily a problem, but occasionalIy I like to mention the way I work. Or don't work. I hope the info is sometimes interesting.


   First, two views of the enormous number of black walnuts this year!  Amazing! 

The walnut tree just standing there, taller and thinner and separate from other trees, and a major bird perching place.

A bit more of an arty photo, same tree, maybe a day later, but I was standing in the same spot for both. Look out underneath such beauty!  And thank you, chickens, for getting me there in that light.


 Next: one misty morning, with the mist hiding the usual view, I was so surprised to see how different this place looked that I see every time I drive away from home.  (I showed this photo a blog post or two ago.)


Here is what it looked like the following evening!  The cows are not there, but what can I do about scheduling cows!

Other scenes during this time:

along Route 504, a version of earlier photos

Then this is from the same place, looking back where I had come from. The mist is rising here, but still not where I go next.

And this is a big year all over Kentucky for fungi, mushrooms, etc.!!


 I did visit some neighbors this week, and this tiny pumpkin display was in their living room. Usually she has a pumpkin to give one to every grandchild, but this year that hasn't worked out.  But I loved seeing the variety and design of these little ones .

As I left their house, I decided to make a short video of their "back yard" -- and I hope to provide it -- as well as another one as I finish up for tonight.  Actually, I have "lost" the video I thought I had... Will redo it soon.

So thanks as always -- I enjoy the sharing.  And I end with my familiar and repetitive encouragement to be generous of heart and get vaccinated, please, please, please!!  NOW.  Stay alive!!  Keep others alive!


Sunday, October 3, 2021

All on an October day

         Yesterday was filled up!  I went to Lexington to take part in the nationwide rally for women's reproductive rights.  (I also went grocery shopping at the Good Foods Coop where George Ella Lyon and I met up to go to the rally together downtown.)  On the way home I drove along our ridge in great evening light so I had to risk my life a bit to take a few photos --  I can't help myself.  When I arrived at the house, I could see that Preston Netherly had been by that day to do the October mowing of my field. I was barely in time to see it with the hint of lovely mist.


This is my favorite photo from the rally -- I didn't take all that many.

mother and daughter

BACK ON THE RIDGE, NEAR HOME, though not in chronological order:


brand new neighbors!

For now, the mowing happens twice a year. 

Once again, I hope every one who can be is now vaccinated, for the sake of each other.  

At the same time, thanks for sharing an unusual day with me. I appreciated the energy I received at the rally!  I also am grateful for the beauty around me where I live.

More in two weeks!  Ann