Sunday, September 25, 2016

Celebrating being back in Kentucky, with family, in the woods

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       We went for a walk this morning, before the heat of the day. So I decided to post these photos right away, of the woods and waterfall (without water) and other such wonders -- a dozen photos. And I'm going to try for single word or phrase descriptions, just for fun. Lately I have been a bit verbose....

en route

dry creek bed

still there

deer tracks?


lunch counters


second version

waterless, still big

Four photos by Rebecca, with thanks for taking a turn with my camera:
faithful friend

heading home

Sunday, September 18, 2016

can't resist water, mist and clouds

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      Last week's post was mostly all about people. Today's is mostly all about the dock on the lake where I was last weekend with my two sisters and three cousins.  We had all been on that same lake -- Lake Caspian -- in our childhood, and the idea was to revisit the place that had been so evocative for us all.  Located in northern Vermont, this lovely lake isn't close to where any of us now live.  However, it was as evocative as ever and the weather was cooperative. I seem to have done most of my photography that I want to share either from the dock or near the dock that belonged to the house we rented. (I was there three of the four nights of the gathering.) The changing moods of the lake, the evening light and the morning mists, the loons and grebes and humans passing quietly by, were all wondrous. I did go swimming, it did rain one day, my sister R. took the canoe out the last day with a friend, and my two sisters did walk around the lake -- the path is said to be seven miles around -- in honor of the walk four of us took together as youngsters. The rest of the time was mostly talking (a whole lot) and eating and working an ongoing jigsaw puzzle and one endless single game of Clue! 
       So, in mostly chronological order over the days, here are some lake photos:

a first evening photo, for proof that we really pulled this off and were on Lake Caspian!!

Saturday morning

Later, that afternoon:

afternoon visit from more cousins, with traveling dog

It did rain Sunday morning!

Our dock from the neighbor's lakeside spot -- only a few people were in the area.

the ongoing effort to find a place where ye olde cell phone would work.... not at the end of the dock!

This is the same view as the beginning photo, looking across the lake, but it appears to me to be quite a different place!
Don't forget to click on a single photo in order to be able to see them all in a larger format, one by one.  I traveled all that way to talk and listen, or I would have even more photos. I hope this gives a flavor of another place I have been thankful to be able to visit. Quite the summer for me!  If you have a favorite, favorite photo, please let me know --, or leave a comment on this blog. Thanks!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

people photos, mostly, two a day all this week

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         I am having another adventure, with sisters and cousinsI planned to do a collection of recent people photos for today's post.  But the internet here won't support the usual load that is required for a post, so I have decided to post two photos a day for this whole week. Please check back when you can, or wait and look at the final product next weekend!

       This is the morning view from our gathering place, in northern Vermont -- a portrait of a place, at a certain time, in honor of sharing family stories and playing games and recognizing how we are connected. I am also having fun!

        Last week I had this final medical check-up with Ed Scott, physician extraordinaire in Morehead. He has the sense and the audacity to retire soon, though an entire community is in mourning because they rely on this fine and caring doctor who will be greatly missed..  I dared to take this photo and say these things here and to him because our families are longterm friends, and he knows I love making a good photo of those I feel connected to.  Along with all your other patients, Ed, I say a big thank you for a job so well done. May you have good health yourself for a long, long time to come.  Bravo, Ed, always.

     day 2, Monday:
      I am still in Vermont, but this photo was made in Kentucky. I have posted this before -- my youngest grandchild, who is of course growing fast.  So far she remains as fascinating as always, and is very much her very own self.

This is another grandchild, about the same age but quite tall for that age.  He is an ace concentrator!!  This photo was made this summer at what we call "cousin camp", at the pond.  As everyone knows, making photos of kids is always a special challenge and a special joy.  His sister will be on this post tomorrow..... thanks to all for your patience with this post.

day 3, Tuesday:

       I am almost home again, and here is the photo from this summer of the eldest grandaughter, practicing her casting at the pond.  For some reason, I really like this photo. I think it is the colors and the hint of abundant humidity!

One last child photo for today, a classmate of my grandson's, in their preK class last spring.  I was thankful to be  able to visit the class and to be part of some of the wonderful learning opportunities they have.


       For today, here are a "couple" more photos from this year..... The first one is my son and daughter-in-law, in August, and the second one is of English friends I visited this spring. Both photos share great smiles, and I feel happy just looking at them.  Thank you all.

day 4, Thursday, in Kentucky, and I got a haircut today!

Here are two photos for the day.  Both are women at work. The first was taken at the summer fundraiser for our local rural fire department. She painted her own face before offering ones to the children who were there!

       This second photo for today was recently on a post, but I really like it, so here it is again. I do not even know the name of this woman, but I had watched her set up her book stall that morning. She was delightful to talk with.  I had no room in my baggage to buy anything from her -- I wasn't able to check a suitcase on the way there -- but I enjoyed our conversation so very much.

 I hope everyone has recently had an unexpected and/or amazing conversation!

days 5 and 6, or, a day late and today! ( I ask, where went my Friday?? )  Note: this is the last section for this rolling post, which I have enjoyed doing, but I am going back to one post a week after this....starting tomorrow.

       The first two photos are from a visit with good friends Mariko and Christian, in late July.  In lieu of photos of them, I've decided to show two beauties they shared with me.  The first is the lemon pie I watched Christian make.  A portrait of a culinary creation, beautiful, yes, but also delicious.

 Meanwhile, in the garden behind their house, in full bloom as if they were meant for my short visit, some of Mariko's beauties.  Bravo, and a big thank you to both of you for another fine visit.


       Vickie, an extended family member, deep in conversation.  The other photos of her have me in them, so this is the one I have chosen to share today.  Unfortunately, I don't get to see her often.
        This last photo is one every photographer hopes to make.  I don't know the child's name, but if anyone can tell me what it is, I would love to give her and her family a print of this photo, something I always try to do, even if not always in a timely manner.  I did ask her mom's permission to make this photo. I love the naturalness of the look, and the pride (I hope) in the missing front teeth.  Here's to our rich inner selves that we sometimes show to others.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

And now back in Kentucky! annual 4H show photos!

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      I'm always glad to be at the annual 4H livestock show and sale in Sandy Hook. It is usually too hot for me to stay for both the judging session at 3:30 and the auction at 6. But since it is a crowd who mostly knows me, or at least knows of me, it's totally fun to be taking photos WITH them, and not just as a stranger. I was sorry to miss the first afternoon of the show, which had chickens and rabbits. The next day were the cattle, goats and sheep, as the photos will show. I saw only one pig this year! As usual, I have tried to insert some story into this series of photos.

The 4H symbol: head, heart, hands and health

goat homes away from home

the bleachers and fans
Jayla is a senior in high school. She won several awards this year! Bravo!

Makayla as participant -  my congrats!!

It's wonderful to see the younger generation listening, learning, and showing their animals.

both judge and instructor, and host --

Family support seems always to be an important part of this big effort!

I suspect this toddler will one day also be a part of the 4H program, just like her half-sister. I love this photo.
I may be adding a few more photos soon, but I want to publish this much this afternoon. Enjoy!