Sunday, December 26, 2010

big snow coming, family time, internet use at the Lady Killigrew

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      I hope everyone has been having some winter happiness!  This is being written from Massachusetts, where there was hardly any snow, unlike Kentucky where we were having plenty of the stuff.  However, a true New England nor'easter is now upon us, so things are in better balance....
      What strikes me today to comment on is a problem that is not really a problem in the big scale of things.  How does a photographer handle taking a simple snapshot that is not anything marvelous photographically but could be shared with a friend or family – and what if such a noteworthy but so-so photograph were to get out and seen by someone who’d say “so she thinks she’s a photographer?!?!”  I haven’t talked about this with other professional photographers but would be interested in how they handle this reality.  Needless to say, I do share all kinds of photos, if I feel someone else would enjoy them, even ones that are not “my personal best,” all the while repeating to myself what a friend once said: “life is short and getting shorter.”  I have even done it on this blog.  But -- true confession -- I hesitate every time before I do it.

dry spell


       As for today’s photos, they are two of my favorites from 2010, one on our place, and one of our granddaughter.  So, until next week, in Kentucky by then, and I'm looking forward to 2011 with its cantankerous Congress, strange weather and days getting longer, even ones with snow!  May we all not falter in our efforts for a better, kinder world.   Ann

Sunday, December 19, 2010


blog #12
     Don't wanna share snow photos -- which are hard to get right anyway.  Could show just Cold or simply Slippery.  No fair posting a beach photo.  Really want something that celebrates simplicity and the wonder of this season.  
     These thoughts have given me the idea of posting a group photo from a year ago -- of friends and families during our annual White Elephant party, which includes a multi-generational discussion of a monetary gift to a non-profit we agree on.  I have found that it helps such a photo if the photographer is not afraid to make a fool of herself, both with some verbal repartee and/or by standing on a chair or some such thing.  
      We tried later to figure out if there was a way to Photoshop two late arrivals plus me into the image.  At least for me, everyone knows I was there!  Duh!  Also, I could have done the using-a-remote thing, BUT, with that many people, I get better overall results by cheering them on from behind the camera.  

       Actually, I am really opposed to changing any part of the record of any such event.  I love that here all four generations of us are randomly mixed and matched.  This year, schedules interfere with gathering so many of us together, so I want to say again that as a photographer and as a group member, I am forever grateful to each person there for your cooperation and tolerance last year!  This photo makes me happy.
     I hope everyone reading this is having a safe and sane holiday season with some simple time reserved for being with loved ones.  All best wishes -- Ann

Sunday, December 12, 2010

a moment of reflection

post #11  (written the day after 12-11-10!)
     As the days grow shorter, I feel more connected to the other people who are part of my life.  It is a time to be grateful that we humans can care for one another, and one way is by honoring the beauty of small things.  I am fortunate to be able to work with art every day (having this blog to share my art is still a wonder to me) so that is what I am relying on as I try to acknowledge the hard reality some of you are facing.
Peggy's asters
      Thus these two simple September flower photos are especially for friends and family, far and near, who are recently dealing with acute health issues, ones I know about as well as ones I don't.  Bravo to each of you for taking on the hard work every day of getting better. I hope you are finding some blossoms and tenderness along with the many, many difficult bits. 

garden corner

Sunday, December 5, 2010

too many words last time

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     So this week it's bullets all the way!  
  • First, I have always meant to recommend Google Reader as a way to keep up with whatever blogs you follow.  Remember, if I could figure out how to set it up, anyone else can as well.  Google Reader makes blog reading easier, i.e. less time consuming and more fun.
story line
  • Struggles with computers, printers, schlepping equipment around, making money by photography, etc., are less fun. 
Appalachian autumn
  • True confession:  I am not Photoshop inclined.  I use Adobe Elements for resizing and occasional cropping and cleaning up, and I am slowly learning Lightroom.  So far that has mostly been enough, though this approach could change as I go along.  In any case, I'll always prefer trying to get it right at the moment I take the photo. 
that same day, nearby
  • I appreciate the comments I have received on my posts!  If I don't let you know that directly, it is either because I am trying to be very disciplined about my work (see bullet #2 above) or because I don't have your email address, which doesn't appear with the comment.  If you decide to comment, just click on Comments at the end of the post.  Then, when you are asked to choose an identity and don't have one of the accounts, just use Anonymous.
  • Thanks again for sharing this blog with me, Ann

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