Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cousin Camp, 2017, part 2 of 2

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          July, northeastern Kentucky, we get together so the kids can get to know each other, with not much scheduled except for daily late afternoon swims in the pond (weather permitting) and meals and lawn darts (this year-- thank you, George Ella) and walks to the waterfalls and in the creek on the way and make believe and board games and books and playing with the kittens, the cat, the two dogs, and getting eggs from the five chickens, and catching lightning bugs of an evening and maybe a fish in the pond. Somehow it all works.

 One of the three kittens:

 The pond after some rain! Luckily, for most of the time, the pond was clear.

At the pond, all three in pjs!

Practicing for the upcoming group photo (see last week's post). Nothing as wonderful as Christmas pjs in July! Very cool!

Back at the garden, celery -- PLANTED FROM SEED -- is thriving. Bravo, Jeremey!

      I also "used" the kids for help with a book project George Ella and I have been working on.  One of the photos needed concerns eggs. Since our plan is to use a few photos of these kids on other pages, I had the idea this time to use all three kids at once, each holding an egg from the chicken house. What follows is the start of a "photo session" and then a closer view of just their hands. I tried to combine the work of figuring out how to do what I asked without making it a lot of work for them. In this case, work meant holding still.... This whole project is in progress, but I thought that sharing some of on-going process might of interest.  Thank you, A, T and W!!

         I'm leaving room to add a few of Rebecca's photos from Cousin Camp, but she has been busy celebrating their tenth anniversary, right after CC ended.  Note: I added her photos Monday evening. It's been a very busy, but happy, time.

congratulations R and J!! (The plate was a wedding gift from my sister, Haven, and her husband, Robert, who live in California. Not available at your local mall store.)


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cousin Camp, 2017, part 1 of 2

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       This year, with the addition of cousins of cousins, there are MORE COUSINS, six in all, ages 21 to 1. Total confusion works wonders, except for the ability to produce excellent quality in one's photos. O well, better instead to enjoy each other and this place and this time, still on-going.  There will be more photos next week; I hope this makes up for usually not having family photos on this blog.

OK, day one, I picked up my son delivering two kids, at the Louisville airport, three hours away. This year said son stayed two nights in Kentucky before returning to Denver, leaving said kids for another week!  No beds/mattresses left in the house, so he slept in what is called the summer "house" at the pond: no electricity, screens instead of windows, earplugs required to survive the morning din by frogs and chirping insects.

Later that same day, my daughter picks up said son's wife's brother and his family at the Morehead airport where they arrived after 6 hours of traveling via the plane they built themselves (before the birth arrivals of two kids, now ages 3 and 1.) Somehow they claim the trip went really well. They both fly F15s for the Air Force, so maybe their perspective is not your run of the mill one.

Two cousins were already here -- Thea, who lives nearby now, and her beloved half-brother who lives in Massachusetts and will be a junior at UMASS-Amherst. GO TEAM.

Hey, Dad, how did this balloon creature get on my backpack?

double the trouble this year!

chief female honcho -- sitting for a change, at the pond, every afternoon! hot weather!!

uncle and nephew, age 6
two hoops on hand, used for lawn darts as well as for the around and around
five cousin onslaught

FOR REAL - a response to a red light on the camera, on a tripod!?!?!

so happy to be wearing a cousin hand-me-down
returning from the pond

The path back to the yard, the swing, the garden, the house, and food....with family
last night's far away lightning, no sounds, just a show, a midnight magic show, at my house, a happiness shared with the grandchild staying over with me for that night

Next week, part 2!  Stay safe, be present, and thanks for reading these posts.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Third annual memorial tribute to Garry Purnell

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      Yesterday's lovely weather was just right for the two hour morning ride on horses, four wheelers and carts along the ridge and over to the Purnell home place and back to the cemetery. I wasn't able to be there for most of it, but I did get to walk out to the family cemetery on the hill by myself while the ride was underway. I came back over later to visit with these neightbors/friends. And, luckily, some food remained, and kind fellowship that I really admire and appreciate.

seeing the barn on the far hill -- the barn that Jonathan is working to reconstitute

Gary's brother, sitting on the red bench, seen from the barn
Two barn photos, on its steady way to renewal:

Several family and friends photos:

I happen to like this photo a lot.  We are all sitting around a table outside. Kathy, as an avid photographer yourself, I hope you like this photo as well.
Jonathan and Ty's daughter, Natalie

Garry's grandson, Ethan

providing some field time after the pavement traveling

beautiful Bella
         Should anyone want to revisit posts of this event from past years, here are two links: 2016  and 2014.  I particularly recommend reviewing this last one --- of the funeral and first passage to the cemetery, on the hill. (Garry passed away in December 2014, but the memorial rides take place near his birthday.)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Gardens are growing, almost everyone here has one, but not me

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       Another lovely day, and great garden weather continues here, so far. In this post, I revisit some gardens I've shown before, to show changes. And I have added a couple more -- all this being close to where I live.  May your vegetables be beautiful and delicious....

three photos from my former home place, looking amazing!

herbs WELL cared for....

family support system

           I stopped by Margie and George's, who unfortunately weren't home at the time, but they have given me permission to stop and take photo whenever. Photos of their garden are in earlier blogs over the six years I've been doing this weekly.

purple martins devouring bugs and more bugs

lovely, lovely lilies

    I also stopped by the barn-in-revision project, and took just a few photos, and most were about the garden.  So the next five photos are from there, yesterday.

Progress!  Stay tuned!

Jean's garden, next to the barn

another use for those tobacco sticks now that tobacco is no longer done all that much

Jonathan taking a barn break by redoing the metal roof on the house!! And he still has his fulltime job!

the view of the house "across the street"

a late daisy, a big one, and a good photo with my iPhone.... Be bold, be beautiful!!

Note: My granddaughter has been away, but I will keep my plan to share a weekly photo of her -- when next I can.