Sunday, October 28, 2018

voting for more humor and "unexpecteds"

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     These are serious times, with serious repercussions from there being too many closed minds, and therefore a serious reminder to remember the artists in the mix! These folks are likely to be used to seeing the unexpected, the unusual, and even the far-fetched. They are either compelled to or can't help from sharing their perspectives, literally and figuratively. I'd wager we all have some artist within, though we may require some encouragement to acknowledge that and treasure it.

     The response to my first humor-focused post a few weeks ago was nice. Thanks for comments via the blog or in person. I do have a few more such photos to share -- though today's truly fall day (finally) also captures me. I'll save that for next week, to extend the season....

     First, a seasonal greeting from some treasured offsprings! Officially they are not in costume, nor wearing masks!! In any case, this photo makes me laugh.

OK, now for some stories:
       First, the day the pileated woodpecker stopped by -- and wouldn't leave. I was on one side of the living room window and he on the other, foraging in a very old apple tree. When the light is right, the window doesn't seem to detract too much from photos. It was just a lucky thing that I noticed his arrival -- I don't usually hang out in the living room. I took one quick photo, thinking he would leave right away, which he didn't do.  I believe my camera happened to be fairly nearby.  It was his only such visit in over 30 years!



I heard a rustling sound on the ground, and all those little feathers stuck up, briefly! I barely got a shot.

      Another year, it was a downy woodpecker family outside the upstairs bathroom window!  My granddaughter, age 3, and I watched the feeding going on for at least 20 minutes. Again, that happened only once. You had to be there. No way to set up an appointment....

     One last one-time-only bird visit, this time two Northern Flickers, both males, both doing the territorial thing. It was like a ballet. At first I had no idea about what was going on. This all took place on the single old black walnut tree outside the kitchen/dining room -- and again a total surprise, requiring dropping every other thing I might have thought I needed to be doing during that time. I don't have any particular bird watching equipment, so I don't go out looking for birds. However, I'm so grateful they have sometimes come to me.

     I have had a last minute change of plans for tomorrow, so there's not time now to share more "unexpecteds". But I do have two current photos from the weekend, one from here in Kentucky and the other at Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station..... ending as I began today with grandchildren adventures, not necessarily because of them but because whatever they're into can be pretty interesting! (I didn't take either photo....)

Sunday, October 21, 2018

five moments over the past three weeks

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       Pieces of a life from the past three weeks, five bits in all, three photos each.  Next week, more humor and the joys of the unexpected. After that, everyone, please vote, to support our joined democracy since it's too essential to be taken for granted for a single minute.

       First, the annual Storytelling Festival took place near Morehead the last weekend in September, on Cave Run Lake.  Twenty years of amazing story tellers.  This year we had good weather, and the lake is always beautiful no matter what the weather. What's also fun is that many of the families who attend are now bringing grand children whose parents were once kids at this same festival.

          Then there is the prep for the annual Hallowe'en party at the end of our road -- I loved these spiders, and the "statuary" located along the route.  I couldn't go to the actual party (see next bit) but maybe next year. (The party happens a couple of weeks early.)

        A week ago Saturday night, on a chilly eve with some showers, I went back to Cave Run Lake, this time for an outdoor wedding, Emily and Jenna's.  Lots of good food (a soup bar, perfect for the temperature), tears, and love.

       I also was able to go with T. to her weekly horse riding lesson, and it was so interesting. The three of them that were there that night helped get the horses ready, and then it was time to go into the square ring to do their paces.  The horse's name is Blue.

        To end, one last photo, my moment in the political event of the day, a visit by Joe Biden to share the stage with Amy McGrath, in Kentucky's nearby 6th District. I was so glad I went. Lots of good energy for new approaches to governing that currently aren't working all that great. Amy's trying no PACs and minimal attack ads. So far she's holding her own.
       It's fun to see some of what goes on around here as we wait for November 6.  We are even finally getting some fall color in our leaves. Believe in the power of change.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

had to be there, and humor helps, as does the unexpected

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       Am starting on my eighth year of posting on this blog!  Once a week for most of the time! I say bravo to my crazy self, and to all the pleasure I get from focusing on story telling, with photos, each time. Tonight I am going to hunt up some of the images that I just happened to see. Just happened to have my camera with me. Just had to be there. No Photoshop. Just luck and a thrill and eyes open.

A favorite -- I had returned to my car after visiting with Sandy, my neighbor and friend.  After getting into my car, I looked around to prepare myself for backing up on a hill and a curve.  This is what I saw instead! Just sitting there next to me, on the truck tire. Waiting for me, I presume. My camera was on the front seat next to me. I slowly lowered my window and equally slowly picked up my camera and faced it out of the window. She never moved. It turns out she was pregnant at the time, so maybe she was just enough slowed down not to be bothered by me. I title this photo "on the way."

This is somewhere between a found photo and a quick snapshot. My writers group was meeting at a Panera's, and sometimes I just can't resist. Two poets at work, a quick moment saved, and some fun.

This cracked me up. All these people coming to the Louvre Museum, in Paris, to see the Mona Lisa, and this was how the scene presented itself. I was almost embarrassed to add my cell phone to the collection. All that mystery in the painting, a bulletproof glass in front of it, and no opportunity to connect with the art itself. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Mon Dieu!

Talk about the unexpected! Why I noticed this when about to get in my car, in the shed, I will never know.  My eyes at the ready, as they say. I had never before seen such a big snake in the wild, and I had no idea what he or she was up to. Well, up to the rafters, of course. I risked taking the time for a photo, with my handy camera, thinking the snake looked very comfortable up there and wasn't about to get activated.  I decided it was big and black enough not to be a copperhead -- a big black snake or a cow snake -- and I lucked out.

Well, this photo is being included because this birthday card showed up in my mailbox, hand delivered, and I thought it hilarious. What a lot of careful work!  Thanks again, Jean!!

     This photo has also been on my blog before, but I thought it a good example of what happens when you set the remote for a group picture, run to get into the photo, and have no idea what crazy whatever your beloved family members are plotting. 

This is from the summer before. I got to the pond just as J. was able to pull off one last throwing--three--cousins--into--the--air in the pond.... This photo still makes me laugh. The kids are too big anymore for this to happen again. I feel lucky to have caught this quick and happy moment.  

experimenting under the Denver Christmas tree. What would happen if.... How would it work.... I love how it turned out.

        This British sign is still there. I saw it again a month ago. I hadn't gone out looking for a sign, or something quirky, or something humorous, but there it was, and the eyes got it. 

        I've managed to use up this day already, so I will do another similar post soon.  Next week I get to share some Halloween ones.  And an outdoors wedding from last night.  This is all by way of trying to stay grounded as our midterm elections get ever closer to happening. I want so badly for things to turn around for the USA. I want to see the American can-do spirit show its power. I want some concentrated attention spent on taking our changing climate situation very, very seriously. I'm so tired of lies, lies, lies, and not just the president's. I don't see anything good about separating young kids from their families. And then losing them. Please vote and stand up against all the attempts to make voting harder rather than more universal. 
        As the ACLU says, vote like your rights depend on it.  Ain't that the truth.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

all in my neighborhood "back yards"

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       After this week's political intensity, it's back to the land, our national anchor. Some of my favorite things to photograph near where I live are the fields when the hay is being cut or after the hay is stored. This year has had a bit of a different weather pattern -- lots of rain -- so the hay is not being cut at the regular twice a year times. SO, today I hunted through my photos to find some images I particularly like, since I won't be making any this year.  I think it's the patterns that intrigue me, especially since the fields around here are rarely flat or square or large. I love the look of them as well as the annual ritual they provide.

I was delighted this photo was used on the reprint of one of Wendell Berry's poetry books. It kind of reminds me of the layout of a poem.....

I was fascinated to see bales as bird perches for wing drying!

two views of a field along Route 504

 haying being done on our small field -- the baling

Every year it's hard for me to pass by these fields and not make a photo.

This is closer to home, and not strictly haying, but it works for what I need done. Thank you, David Holbrook!!

one of the fields I visit on many an evening walk

These are Jean and Gary's horses, on their mowed field. We don't have any color at all yet this year, but it can be quite lovely, like this, later in October.

the view from Jean's house, field recently mowed in honor of the annual memorial ride for Gary

freshly mowed, smells wonderful

To end, one favorite photo made during a granddaughter visit years ago -- looking into Gary's barn.