Sunday, September 4, 2011

before fall -- follow-ups

post #51 presented us millions of bloggers with a new look this week.  I believe the changes will only show up behind the scenes of what ends up published.  But, just in case there are some surprises,  I'll use their shift as an incentive to finish up some of my loose ends.  I will start on my new series -- making art out of tobacco -- next week.
    SO, early one morning, the very day following my second spider post last month, I just happened to notice the largest spider I have ever seen in my non-zoo life ON THE FLOOR, actually on the carpet, in front of where the TELEPHONE is, and I was bare-footed!  But since it didn't then rush off, I decided to try to scoop it up.  I chose the largest, sturdiest glass I could find and bravely and calmly (!) lowered it over the beast, who seemed to be carrying a soft whitish roundish item under its belly.  In case this amazing visitor decided he or she would hide if I took time to search for shoes, I was still shoeless. 
    Then, as happens, I reminded myself that I was a photographer now, unlike when years ago my husband and I came across a recently vacated bear bed on Kodiak Island in Alaska.  We didn't even think to take a photo before starting to make lots of noise and skedaddling away from there.  Anyway, I positioned the assemblage on a kitchen counter by scooting a piece of thin cardboard under glass and spider before moving it.  The spider -- which my laptop and I figured out was a wolf spider -- never let go of what's now confirmed as an egg sac.  
      Here is "Wolf Spider under glass":
At first I didn't realize one leg was caught... I also found a way to let some air in.

      Hours later, after my husband had a chance to see the creature as well, we took it outside.  Here is "Wolf Spider let out far away from the house, still with egg sac":  

I was wearing shoes by now, but didn't have my tripod, so the two closer legs are out of focus.  Big Mama!!
      One of the descriptions of this voracious insect eating monster is that it is harmless but nonetheless very disconcerting to home dwellers who occasionally encounter one..... I'd say!!  I hope the spider family didn't suffer from my curiosity.  Really, I felt admiration.  (Last week I saw a reference to a wolf spider in a children's novel I am reading.  I figure the author must have seen one, too.)

     Another unexpected fascination was this large fungus/mushroom that appeared one day, and was gone the next.  I am so glad I didn't put off taking a photo.  I know nothing about kinds of mushrooms, and I never dare to eat one.  But they do make me think of fairy tables or shelters in the woods.
side view of a porch overhang?

      A favorite Kentucky wild flower of mine (and of hummingbirds) is out.  I took this photo of some cardinal flowers along the edge of the pond.  The red is harder to make work in a photo than I like to admit:

Three final bits
      1. BTW, I can now report that the blogger folks did make some improvements.  A couple of tools available as of today make the process go more smoothly and are not at all intrusive. THANKS.
     2. I am giving a link to a basic article on CNN about photo journalism tips -- there is usually something helpful in another photographer's experience.   Even so, I have to learn stuff by doing.  I don't seem to be greatly skilled at taking advice.  (Sweet family, please do not laugh.) Note: here's a September 6 deadline for some submission to something.
      3. I am not much of a gear geek, but this week I finally bought a waterproof point and shoot, my first.  I haven't liked not being able to take photos when it's wet out.  I had hoped to share one of the new photos tonight but am having some Mac vs PC issues.  Therefore its planned grand debut for this blog will have to wait.  Stay viewed!!  

    Instead, here is one last photo from the summer: hollyhocks along a neighbor's fence.  I like the unusual location for the hollyhocks, and the recently mowed field in the background, with contrast between the straight and the curved.

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  1. SO glad you were in touch by snail mail and advised me to look at your blog -- glad I took your advice! The funeral photos remind me of the time many years ago when you and I and ? walked in the rain to a funeral or burial nearby. May the circle be unbroken.