Sunday, March 4, 2012

our broken weather and the tornado in West Liberty, Kentucky

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       For those readers who know us, we are fine!  The tornado torn town being featured today on the Weather Channel is in the next county.  In fact, I happened to drive through there Thursday afternoon, on the way back from going with a friend, Jennifer Reis, to deliver some of her art to the Appalachian Artisan Center in Hindman. I didn't think to take any photos of the justice center being built or the mural whose artists Jennifer knows, or the corner white church where our family remembers seeing Colonel Sanders standing 34 years ago during the annual Sorghum Festival parade.  My regret.
      Our phone company is located there; we hear their roof is gone.  However, we went without our long distance service and our internet connection for only 36 hours, obviously only a minor inconvenience compared to what people in West Liberty have lost.  My friend John Flavell, now a freelance journalist, whose funeral photos and waterfall-in-ice photos I have shared on earlier posts, went there right away Friday evening to make the photos for the Lexington Herald-Leader Saturday and today.  Amazing, John!
       I did take some photos yesterday, in Lexington, at the annual Kentucky Crafted: The Market which is celebrating its 30th year this weekend!  My views are simply a small snapshot collection from a large and wonderful gathering of 220 juried artists, mostly from Kentucky.  I admire their tenacity and hope.  I could never manage to spend four days in a booth, with no windows, in a hall filled with art of all kinds that I wouldn't have time to see.  Carry me out on a stretcher!  But it is a bright feather in the cap of the Kentucky Arts Council, and one of the highest rated such shows in the nation.

where the Market was held this year, in Lexington instead of in Louisville

the Berea College Crafts booth

Congratulations to this Floyd County, Kentucky institution!

a hands-on exhibit by the Living Arts and Science Center, in Lexington -- a very inviting table display

the booth by Mayapple Creations.  I stopped here because I recognized the name, having grown up on a "Mayapple Road."  At first I didn't realize that [see next photo]
one of the creations is a work in progress!

an intriguing display!

a favorite photographer of mine, Don Ament, Lexington, KY

      As for my posting about Mike Mullins, it seems many, many people read it, and I thank you for the word of mouth (or link) that made that possible.  I am glad I could be part of what I know will be a long and ongoing tribute to a fine person and his invaluable legacy.  It takes a while to process sudden changes in the path our lives take, and I'm grateful each time this weight can be spread among those involved.  In that same spirit, I know we all hold those affected by these tornadoes in our hearts and minds as well, especially in the coming weeks.

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