Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monday morning in Massachusetts

     I am on the road again, currently at my sister's in Massachusetts.  I have driven this far from home for the semi-annual weekend reunion of the offspring of three brothers.  We meet in Maine, on the coast!  We figure it's a bit unusual to have cousins be the core of the gathering, but it works wonderfully for us. This year we had great weather, delicious lobsters, and plenty of stories.  I didn't make very many photos, but here are a few especially for those of you who have not yet had the chance to visit Maine:

early morning

 sittin' on the dock of the bay        (I don't know these women.)

amazing to see so many lobsters ready to eat!

 This sunset silhouette shows a third bay.

       I am not showing the family photos here.  I post such groups of photos on my photo sharing gallery, now  In June Apple discontinued its MobileMe galleries, which I had been using.  So far I am very satisfied with the new setup even though I was not happy to have the MobileMe discontinued.  Such are the behind-the-scenes jobs photographers have to spend time doing.

      Yesterday's temporary note on this post is now erased, but you can still check here for the post from exactly a year ago....  

      Let's fervently hope Hurricane Issac doesn't do untoward damage.  In another arena, I'd hope for not much damage as well by the Republicans at their convention.  Ann

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