Sunday, November 11, 2012

What, there is life after the election??

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      It hasn't even been six days since the election, yet it feels like an extremely long week.  First was the task of breathing again, after imagining all the ways Americans could have been derailed.  Then there was regular life and a workshop and worrying about family and friends impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  I confess to being shocked by how many sheltered Republican big-wigs thought they had the race sewn up.  Do we all see only what we want to see?

      I am delighted that there are now 20 women in the US Senate.  But we need more.  Twenty is only 20% of the Senate; our nation is of course closer to 50/50 in numbers of males and females.  Thank you, Emily's List!

      I am amazed how dedicated some people had to be to vote.  Hours in line.  Voting by lantern.  Worrying about photo i.d.'s.  Thanks to each of you for your commitment to democracy.

      Closer to home, here is a photo of our voting place -- with an unexpected addition.  I had no idea such a rig was on the ridge.  The owners were inside waiting in line, as we had just done, to vote.

   During election day, I took a walk in the woods, wanting to see the world clearly before the start of the next four years -- a remembrance, of sorts, of why we care about who are our leaders.

a scar, on a beech tree.

an experiment with the iPhone....of our creek

the season for seeds -- our future
      I have to mention that although Kentucky was a guarantee for Romney, there were four counties (out of 120) who went to Obama.  Ours was the only one to do so in the eastern part of the state.  A proud tradition.
      I did hear that at 11:15 pm Tuesday evening, at Morehead State University, there was an eruption across the campus of cheers and hoorays.  Go students!! 
       So, until next week.  I'd hope that everyone was happy about something on election day, despite all the compromises that are part of the process.

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