Sunday, July 28, 2013

a country way to make room for the stuff of photography -- Sideway Gallery

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      Since I am still away from home this day, I am dedicating this post to my gallery in rural northeastern Kentucky as a way to remind myself that I do have a place for my work -- all because three years ago it was the only way I could find to have room for my photo stuff!  It is located 4 miles from our home.  It is very much part of the photo life I have been sharing on these posts over the last few weeks.

      Here is the inside of the gallery, first floor.  What was once someone's living room is now my display area.  I show my cards and some of my framed photos.  I don't keep regular hours, so It has become mostly a work space where I can see what I have.

     The kitchen area is painted to match the rooster photo on the left.  I took the doors off the counter cabinets to make room for color and design.  If I can't see something, I often forget I have it.  So far I get by with a hot plate and a fridge, with no oven or stove.

      Next is the outside view.  Since this building is distinctive for this region, it is easier to locate the place by knowing what it looks like!

       This spring, the wisteria that was already established turned out particularly showy.  I grew up with some wisteria, in Connecticut, so it has been fun to have this amazing plant just appear on my deck.

      There is also a small pond, .  Please note it is NOT SAFE for swimming.  The first view is a winter shot, and the second is from summer, with the redwing blackbird population enjoying the collection of bullrushes here and there. 

      I'm now including a few of the early shots, showing my helpers -- my husband, Frank, my neighbor and friend Sandy (whose garden I have shared in post #146), and three loyal painting friends - Carolyn, Molly and Ann.  I had hurt my arm that spring in a fall, and I actually did hardly any painting.  THANKS AGAIN TO ALL OF YOU!!

I particularly like this photo of Sandy's granddaughter MaKayla, who was checking out some of the books I wanted to find homes for.

evidence of another visitor!

evidence of another season!

This photo was taken by a friend visiting from France, three years ago.  Today I happen to be wearing that very same fleece jacket.... 

    Time constraints had helped me think of a new way to do a post in parts.  Photos first, then, today, Tuesday, THE WORDS THAT GO WITH THE PHOTOS!  I hope this has not been confusing.  This last photo is an early one, featuring the gallery and my shadow.  I have felt so grateful to have this place for my work.  If you ever want to come by, though, give me a call ahead of time, so I can be sure to be there.  606 - 738 - 6119.  I have copies of Counting on the Woods, photo note cards and some framed photos and some other books for sale and show.  I have a bunch of photo magazines to give away. We have countywide fiber optic wi-fi -- though cell phones don't yet reach everywhere yet, including Sideway Gallery!  ( I love our hills even so. )  This has been the post for Views from Sideway on this weekly blog, which is called Sideway Views.... 

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