Sunday, March 30, 2014

milkweed tell-all, all told, part 5 of 5

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      I have needed these five weeks to complete my milkweed exploration.  However, I suspect I will be finishing just in time to catch the early and late spring part of the milkweed story, since I didn't start this project until June 23rd last year.  Fear not, my plan is to give the blog a milkweed break until I discover all that I hope to see and learn this April, May and June.
        Actually, when I made the photos for Counting on the Woods, I had to find five nests. That was in 1997.  It is now 2014. I still look for nests.  What can I say.  Will I ever learn to quit doing it?

10/24/14, location #3

This looks to me like the inner workings of these pods are now finished being useful.

10/26/14, after an overnight frost

near the milkweed, a view that struck me as interesting...


windy day (11/6/14), beauty within


location #2, along our driveway

location #3 (see previous photo as well)

location #2, in January, resting, after a job well done

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