Sunday, May 25, 2014

Is it going to be Route 32 or more from France!? How to decide!?!

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      Deciding which topic to share today is taking way too much time.  I have returned from my trip, as of last night, and I am blaming travel fatique for my not being able to decide which choice to make.  I want to do both.  I am excited about my new photos, but also I can't wait to get back out on Route 32 to take even more photos.  (And then there are the milkweed plants in our field which have grown, well, like weeds since I have been gone.)       BUT as I write myself through this decision, I am thinking the flowers in the gardens in France and England, the train stations I passed through, and the views from the Vosges mountains will have to wait.  I don't want to lose the thread of that road and a community whose future is up for grabs.

       Once again, I find a parking place and take several photos from one location:

         This building will surely be gone.  It was once a store.  Darlene remembers being bought a pair of shoes here when she was young!

       Then I turned around to look across the road to see the other side of things, including this sign on a fence, the cows, and the lay of the land:
Route 32, facing toward where I am headed

        Continuing to move to my left , still with my back to the former store:

       Nearby, I had taken this side road, just to see what is close to Route 32.

     A few photos from this road that look back toward Route 32, along which are all the buildings in the next three photos:

also here on the woods side -- the early blooming sarvis tree blossoms -- our sign of spring

     To finish today's chapter of this story, a morning mist along Route 32:

      I will try to find this place again this week and take a photo of what it looks like with GREEN LEAVES now that summer is almost here.  Stay tuned -- and drive safely no matter what road you may be taking.

please note: I have recently added two photos to last week's post, about an afternoon walk in France.

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  1. beautiful photos as always. I especially loved the iris and the rapeseed plant field. I also smiled when seeing the bees' photo followed by the plane-the phrase 'the birds and the bees' popped into my head. So glad you stop to capture so many moments in time.