Sunday, October 5, 2014

End of summers, many visitors during 15 minutes

post #211, and, I'm proud to say, the start of my fifth year of doing these weekly posts

       I have wanted to share what I saw in a brief period the afternoon of September 17, 2014.  It is part of that aspect of photography that celebrates paying attention.  Seeing.  Noticing the light and the moment.
      First, a photo at the pond, of a weed hanging over from the edge, gently touching water.  To me it looks like it is tiptoeing out, reaching ever farther.
       I then walk back to the house, passing the well and the "End of Summer" plants nearby.  A neighbor gave us these plants many years ago, and they never disappoint. She called them End of Summers, though I know other plants also can go by that name.  
      I stop because I noticed a single butterfly, but I end up filming many of the other visitors as well.  They just keep showing up.  I must have hit some kind of prime time!  Busy, busy!

       I don't want to leave out the grasshopper who's hiding close by.  He looks kind of lost but also very peaceful.  Note: There are so many times when I am seeing stuff with my camera that I wish I had a biology degree. That was certainly true when I made the photos for Counting on the Woods by George Ella Lyon.  I had so much to learn back then, besides how to use a tripod and such. Even a single biology course in high school or college would have helped.  

      So, to finish today, one last insect I saw recently that might not find a proper home on some future blog post.  Location: on our chicken house outside wall.   Name: I have no idea but would love to know, as usual.  The shapes and lines fascinate me.  Enjoy its beauty:

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  1. Hi Ann! It's been a long time sine I have stummbled across your blog so I thought I better not miss an opportunity to say hello. Hope everyone is doing well and I love your pictures! Your friend,