Sunday, April 17, 2016

BIrds who have visited me, part 4: single moments

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       I am finishing this bird series with a collection of photos I have managed to make on the run, with no one bird or birds staying around very long.  All are from within the house, and most probably through a window. The light would have had to be right to make that work, however. Most of these photos I have posted before in the five years of this blog....
       Please remember: birds don't usually wait around for me to get my camera and certainly not for me to take off a screen and open the window! The one exception might be the mourning doves, which I see from the window in the bedroom upstairs. They actually enjoy  a quiet moment with their kin or is it their mate! (It's hard for me to tell which is male and which is female.)

blending in with the black walnut bark (I think this is a young sapsucker, but I am not sure. Will anyone take me on?)

a parading gathering of turkeys -- called a gang -- three weeks ago

back again two days later, foraging

mourning doves

a red-bellied woodpecker, sunflower seed in beak

several bluebirds in the same bush with berries

female cardinal

male cardinal, the Kentucky state bird

the walnut tree still again, with the bird feeder near by

two fledglings busy trying to be first for the food their dad must surely be bringing them 

        I have a two photos I can't locate at the moment that I want to include here; I plan to post them as soon as I find them. I am so honored to have the company of these birds.

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  1. We are so honored that you love your birds, and that your birds love your bird feeder and your walnut tree. xoxo