Sunday, November 6, 2016

Beech trees -- autumn's parting glory in eastern Kentucky

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          This fall Appalachia has not had as much vibrant color as usual. We're inclined to attribute that to the dry weather we have had for weeks and weeks. HOWEVER, Friday, totally by chance, I had made plans with my photo friend Debbie and her husband to introduce him to our waterfalls, and we were treated to great light and lovely color! The beech trees were making up for everything else. Debbie and I had our cameras, of course, and it was all so unexpected and amazing. Every photo on this post today was made during one mostly cloudy mid morning walk and talk and ooh and awe.  Enjoy!

These first three images were right at the beginning of our walk. What a welcome to the woods!
   Next: two views along the creek of the deer skull that I have shared in an earlier post this year. I think I adjusted the settings on my camera in between these two shots, so I include them both.

       Despite some light rain the day before, there was very little water in the creek and none coming over any of the falls. However, the dampness of the leaves provided a rich and reassuring aroma.
I am standing at the top of what we call simply the second waterfall, though it has several levels.
       Next is the third waterfall, though again without water at the moment, except at the base. The woods here have plants all year round that are native and undisturbed. We call this area the big waterfall.

       I wasn't sure this photo would work, because of the sun breaking through, but for some reason it worked just fine. A major happiness.

My daughter and granddaughter, age 5, had joined us by now, and they decided to explore the facing hillside. (The big waterfall is to my right, and I have shown other photos of it over the five years of doing this blog.)  I love catching that bit of red.

    I didn't take many photos, but I hope you enjoy seeing here most of the ones I did. I loved being there with Debbie and Bob, and doing the extra seeing that one does with a camera.

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  1. I really like the color and the skull picture especially!