Sunday, February 12, 2017

Class Photos - as in "homework"

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        I have survived another week of my university photography class. I even printed out those 3 contact sheets we learned how to do --- 60 photos in all. It's not as if there's anything like a whole biology book to learn, but taking a photo all the way to the printer kind of requires a committment to do regular work or else start from scratch every time. Luckily I am enjoying the experience very much, including confusing everyone with my lack of expertise when I actually have a reputation in town for being a good photographer. 

       My plan today is to highlight several of the photos I took during this initial process, and comment on each one for what I learned by taking it. All along on this blog I have shared my imperfect attempts along with my successes. I'm very comfortable with that. How else do we get better over time? I always appreciate the comments about what my viewers appreciate or what they don't understand. Thanks!

Thank goodness for my tripod -- using all manual controls is not my strongpoint! This photo is also evidence that I was the one doing the work....

One of FIVE photos in the dark: I have a security light at the moment, so I incorporated it into my night images.

This is my favorite photo from the project, taken through both a window AND heavy rain. Nothing like having an empty horse barn on my property just waiting to be photogenic.

The next morning, after some frustration with doing everything manually and arbitrarily (which is necessary to trying new things) I decided to go to the pond and shoot there, where I am used to being. I still did it manually and with a tripod, but it calmed me to be outside in early morning light, which has always worked for me.

This was just for fun. Or was it expressing my not always knowing which way to go or how to get there.....

To show: a pair of images. The first one is a reflection in the pond, while the following photo is the shed the roof is actually on.

A rebel moment -- after a visit to the art building to print out my completed contact print pages. I passed through a big construction project on campus, and I set my camera on automatic for shutter speed and F-stop, though the focusing remained manual. So easy!  I like to joke that I am at heart a street photographer, but I don't live anywhere near a street, especially when I am in the woods!
Behind me was the area where the building will rise. The MSU library is in the background. Notice: no snow!

It's appropriate, perhaps, to end with a snapshot.  This is my granddaughter, who's discussing with me the photos on my contact sheet that I would be taking to my class after her dad came to pick her up. I loved working with her nearby. We shared the sun coming into the room, and her imagination led her to one thing after another while I dealt with some mundane prep items. I don't get to have her there all that often, so it was a very special time.

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  1. Photography does require that you take the moment as it comes, doesn't it!
    I especially like the night photo including light from security. And I love knowing the following photo is through screen and rain! xoxo