Sunday, February 4, 2018

February favorites

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        I haven't finished my photo favorites from 2017 yet, so that's where I'm going today. I'm skipping spring, for now, and instead going right to February last year. But since there wasn't much snow then, compared to this year, I plan to end today's post with a few photos from this morning....
         First off, four from the pond. I made these particular photos in conjunction with the semester photo class I began a year ago. In the first photo, I was trying to show wind. (This summer I had all that broom sage cut back. It indicates that the ground is not totally healthy, but in addition it got to be pretty depressing to see it all around me all winter instead of some vegetation variations, and the colors of snow.

The house and pond area:

cattails, winter mode, beloved by red-wing blackbirds in the early spring

the waterfall area:

winter green I

winter green II, and 2 family members

winter green III
 a different kind of winter morning, seen from inside the house:

     This winter, in December, a never-seen-before-by-me sunset scene,

    and a few views from this morning:

my trusty, empty barn

A complete change of subject:

        This afternoon I have also watched an excellent documentary on KET about John Lewis, Civil Rights Icon from Alabama, who has kept a lifetime focus on how to Keep Our Eyes on the Prize.  His mantra, from his mother, has been FIND A WAY TO GET IN THE WAY.  His life story reveals the extreme dedication required of our citizens to provide desperately needed social change, and I am awed by the loyalty to principle that continues to be so necessary.  I wish I had known earlier in my life that I could be a photographer to honor history being made -- to remind us how now we are the ones who must continue to make history.


  1. Thank you, Ann, for this beautiful tour of the seasons around your place(s). Thank you, too, for your note about the John Lewis documentary and for reminding us of our obligation to stand up for justice.

  2. The colors in these are beautiful.

    1. Steve - thanks for noticing. I changed some wording from my original posting, from "snow" to "the colors of snow," since that is what I find to be true. It's so hard to get any kind of good snow photo, and I am not yet able to do it as well as I would like. Still practicing.