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         My camera manual tells me that depth of field refers to how much of the picture, from near to far, is in sharp focus.  I get it that success here has something to do with f stops, but everything else comes into play as well -- how fast the lens, the speed of the film, the amount of available light.
        More light allowed in the camera increases clarity almost to the point where the photographs can look more intense than life itself.  Also, by now in my work I am supremely conscious of the wind.  I think about the time of day--nature can be so still at dawn that a fern won't show motion when the lens is left open to show more detail, more depth of field.  Working on this book taught me to see more and to pay better attention.  
        Early on I had felt that I was mainly out of my depth in some field.  Or simply out in left field, no depth about it.  Luckily I had a deadline and a commitment, so gradually, one image by one image, I felt less stranded and less conscious of my lack of formal technical training.  I even began to have fun!
        This book has allowed me to share my love of this place with all the world.  It's the big picture that I got from so many little ones that continues to amaze me.
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new life, 2011
new life, 2011

for JOHN KELLEY and all his family and friends

      I wish the world and each one of you the faith that we human beings can learn to live with peace in our hearts and find our inner peace.  Peace in our families.  Peace within nations and between nations and with nature.  We each of bones, blood, brains and sinew can surely become better at building these ways of peace, one moment by one moment. 

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  1. I love these photos especially the ones titled new life...they make me wish I could have more babies:-(
    I also love what you have written...its all so beautiful.