Sunday, January 1, 2012

two news -- a year and a day

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      I'm so happy to be taking up this blog after a week away, despite all the fun of being with my beloved family over Christmas, represented by this photo of the present received by the 11 month old family member:

      I am grateful for humor -- whether ahead or behind!

     Then, even though this post is my first in 2012, there remain a few bits left hanging from before.  For example, I have yet to share a photo of myself .... but now is the season to bring out one I took about a year ago, on the bank of our pond:

      And I didn't get to say much about the cactus photo on the last post.  I don't know where that bloom came from, since the plant is small and it hasn't yet bloomed again.  It was hard to portray what I had in my mind's amazed eye, but I couldn't miss the opportunity to try.  I did surround the pot with greens, which I don't usually do since I prefer working with views that are as natural -- or "found" -- as possible.  That is what seems to grab me the most intensely.  In that vein, I wanted to show the size of the plant relative to the bloom.  Probably not every photographer would care about that aspect.

    Last month I shared a table with a younger photographer at a Christmas market, and we discovered we like to take photos of many of the same things.  What a treat for me to meet her!  Go, Bobbie!  It reminded me that one photographic goal I still have -- besides learning more about what I am doing -- is to find someone who would like to share the use of my big printer in exchange for helping me learn all the things it can do.  Rural artists have distance challenges, to put it mildly.  Working alone is part of what is important and wonderful, but sometimes there are gaping holes. I am so grateful that my monthly writers group provides so much of the creative support I need, for example, even though they don't know about printers and even if I have to drive 70 miles one way to Lexington to take part. 
      So, one last sharing from 2011 before I sign off.  The 2011 National Book Award for poetry went to one of the women writers in Lexington, Nikky Finney.  Her acclaimed acceptance speech this fall says so much so well.  I am giving the link here in hopes everyone can take ten minutes to see and hear her on YouTube.  Bravo, Nikky, and thanks, thanks, thanks.
       I hope good health and strong dreams are part of this new year for each of you.

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