Sunday, March 11, 2012

more tornado responses from West Liberty in Morgan County

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    A young artist friend lives near Morgan County and was greatly affected by the 3/2/2012 tornado.  She and I met this fall because of our shared love of photography, so I asked her if I could use one of her photos on this blog.  She chose this one and included an explanation of it.  Thanks so much, Bobbie.

Morgan County, Kentucky, photo by Bobbie Bolin
    I feel like this one is the most powerful to me because you see so much of the destruction and you also see all the people coming together and checking on their community members. The demolished building on the left hand side of the pic closest to you was the building that the church across the road used for dinners.  My mom, dad and a few of our family members and I had gone there a few times to have dinner with the church members.... I am also making bracelets to sell and I'm giving all the proceeds from them to all those affected by the storms, the ones I've made so far say Morgan County and West Liberty on them and the beads are blue and gold which are our school colors....I went to school out in West Liberty all my life and this is the only way I can think to help my home town.

      I also want to share some other tornado photos in the form of a slide show (click HERE) made by John Flavell, a longtime photo journalist and my friend, who showed up in West Liberty the same evening of the tornado.   He returned on Saturday, and again on Monday, as can be seen by the cover of snow over everything.  And perhaps other times as well.  Photos by the Lexington Herald-Leader are available at, if you have time to search them out.  I know there has been a lot of coverage on TV, but both Bobbie and John are nearby.  Bobbie grew up in West Liberty, but currently lives in Elliott County, a mile from the Morgan County line.  (Around here that's how we give a sense of someone's place.)

our jonquils, on Monday afternoon, after 4 inches of snow overnight

our daffodils, on Wednesday, in between wind gusts


  1. Thank You Ann for using my photo of Paint Creek on 172 in Morgan County. So many of our friends, family and church family was affected by the heart breakes for them but Im very happy for those who made it through the storms with their lives, material things can be replaced...they cannot!!!

    Your Friend,
    Bobbie Bolin

  2. Ann, the pictures your friends took are stunning, just got through looking at them and am still crying. Am praying for the towns recovery and all those who lost loved ones.