Sunday, June 10, 2012

Q, R, S -- for the alphabet book draft

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      I started these alphabet book posts on April 22, and today is the fifth part of the book's draft. I'm making slow but steady progress. I am also getting a better idea of how I would want the book to be.
      There are not that many particularly Appalachian Qs, or at least I haven't uncovered them yet...  But I haven't quit looking yet either.... As always, more photos will eventually be added to each post.

Q  q  --    quilt square on a barn      quilts        Quaker ladies (flowers)     Quakers

two views, quilt square painted on plywood and then hung on the Binion barn
Quaker Ladies, also known as bluets
hiding under a favorite family quilt

R    r --      redbud tree        rainstorm       rooster        roots on rocks  

redbud trees

3 roosters

roots on rocks

S  s  --     spider       spider web        snow        sycamore        squirrel          
                               sorghum        sandbox

sorghum molasses - stalks being cut and gathered
sorghum -- being reduced by steaming

sycamore tree
a writing spider!

a very big spider (a wolf spider) -- carrying her egg sac

sun on a spider web

squirrel, with an apple!

squirrel about to   j  u  m      p!

spring snow
      This is an update, being written in mid July -- I just added the sandbox, being enjoyed by our grandson, with thanks to his mother for taking the photo.  I still need to add the rainstorm, to the letter R.  I may never stop finding things to include even though I am mostly just staying near home for this project.

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  1. I love that you say you are going to add a sandbox and a rainstorm. It makes you sound so powerful, as if you're going to create not just the images but the things themselves.

    This is so much fun. Thank you!