Sunday, June 24, 2012

wild birds come near and go wild

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      I am not a bird photographer.  I have neither the pricey photo equipment required nor the leisure time that I imagine I'd need to figure out where the birds are going to be and then to go there and set up and wait until they get close enough to get those wonderful sharp photos that many people take. 
      However, I am NOT going to pass up the opportunity to take photos of birds who choose to share my living space around the house!  These last few months I have seen more fledglings than ever, and the season is not over yet.  Today and next week I am going to share some "What's-Happening-Nows" around here, before tackling the end of the alphabet.

day lilies, to match the cardinal's beak.  These grow on our driveway, but they were mowed down this week anyway by the road crew!

 some orange feet on these mourning doves, whom I suspect of being a fledgling pair.

       Behind the maple tree the doves are in is a weeping willow tree, with a history -- it came as a switch when our neighbor long ago went on horseback to visit his future wife.  The switch grew at his house into a large willow tree near the road.  It was eventually destroyed, but we brought a switch from it to our house.  Here is my favorite photo from last week, of the willow tree looking healthy despite having almost been done in by an ice storm several years ago:

a goldfinch enjoying that nearby maple tree

    Then two photos from a walk in the woods ten days ago, one looking down, the other  looking ahead:

     Finally, the moon, looking to me like both a tear and a tear in the sky: 

     We did have something happen this week that I am NOT showing a photo of, which was the unusual occurrence of a country version of slaughterhouse five.  One night a raccoon killed 5 of our chickens, in their shut up hen house!  Two nights ago we caught the meany in a trap.  All things considered, a big healthy dose of reality.  But not fun.  Many, many thanks to Jonathan and to Junie for their help.
     Next week, the other half of this set of photos, and some thoughts about taking time to look carefully.

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