Sunday, September 15, 2013

faces I've seen these last three weeks -- 4H ones and a few more

post #155
      I often make images of people, but I rarely post them.  My main reluctance to show faces comes from an overabundance of caution -- even though I realize that my privacy concerns sound positively and totally quaint in this day and age.  Well, not for my age.  I have a personal experience with the great intrusiveness by the FBI, for example, and I feel strongly that we should remain alert to the multiple intrusions on our precious privacy.
      That said, I feel the following photos were made in public places, and many of these people would enjoy seeing a photo of themselves. My compromise will be not to identify anyone. Of course, as always, if anyone sees a photo of him or herself and would prefer it not be out there, just leave me a note as a comment -- I read each comment before it's published (or not published.) Also, since I am not making money from this blog, I am not breaking any rules. Were I to have an opportunity to sell an image, I would get first permission from whoever's identifiable in the photo.
       Further, it goes without saying, I hope, that I totally enjoy making these photos. Most of these folks -- and the beef cow -- were not aware of the photo being taken. Once again I thank everyone who puts up with me and my camera.

      OK, the first NINE photos are from that wonderful 4H day on August 29:

This last one from the 4H day is a repeat, from post #153, but it is such a favorite of mine....

      The next several photos are from Lexington, KY's evening commemoration gathering August 28, 2013 for Martin Luther King's March on Washington fifty years ago.  There were speeches, music, poetry, dancing and a series of essays by middle school students at the Carter G. Woodson Academy.

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