Sunday, September 29, 2013

I say, a day's delay is no longer in play

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    September 29, 2013: Reality has taken over my life - briefly - so whatever I post in addition to this beginning is a kind of PART TWO.  The reward for those who checked my blog on this Sunday, which is usually the day I post, was my favorite photo, made the day before.  This charmer is the daughter of friends of my son's, and she is holding her mother's lovely and loving hand:

As promised, PART TWO:

      Now that This Day is coming soon, I wanted to revisit my delight in having one of my photos of our creek on the cover of Wendell Berry's collected and new Sabbath poems, to be released October 8!! It is published by Wendell's longterm publishing house, now known as Counterpoint Press, located in San Francisco. I am working to confirm with them via email that the book, This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems, is indeed about to be released even though Amazon says that is the date. Note: I am using an Amazon image below, BUT I encourage everyone who wants to see the book to visit his or her favorite independent bookseller!  (Update 10-3-2013: A friend has already received her copy, as has the publisher, so all is on track.  Great!)


What follows is my original image that was cropped to fit the design of the book cover:

       Bill Moyers is interviewing Wendell Berry THIS WEEKEND on his interview show on PBS, Moyers and Company.  Check your local listings.  (I think it shows on Sunday on KET.) Here is a link to the video trailer which is only a minute and 18 seconds long.  I so look forward to watching their conversation -- almost as much as I look forward to having a copy of the book in my hands.

       I will end with a photo of some iron weed I meant to include in last week's post which featured more of the milkweed images.  Nature is full of amazing moments. I am grateful.

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