Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grayson Lake, part 2

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      Last week I showed a lot of cliffs from our late afternoon boat ride a week ago.  Today I want to share more views from our Jon boat, including more cliffs.  Again, most of the time we were moving, though often slowly, or, occasionally, idling.  The sun came out as we were returning to the boat landing area, which means that the light primarily came from an overcast sky.  We aren't able to go on the lake very often, yet I find so much to look at while there, and I really enjoy it when the whole lake is this peaceful. 

With these next three photos I hope to give the feeling we had passing along this cliff :

      Then, by the time we returned to this spot, the sun was out.  Here is another way to see the tree area of this cliff.  To me, the sun and shadows create a very different feel:

       There were hardly any other boats where we were.  We saw this lone fisherman twice and spoke to him once...:

      Balancing acts are not hard to find, such as this one: 

 But a few of these acts seem particularly precarious (!!), such as:
Once I saw this, I worried (not logical) or imagined (always important to do.)

This photo puts the rock in its larger context.

I checked it out again on the way back!  Sandstone sculpture!

The water itself can be beautiful, too, of course,

 and our memories of earlier visits help us to figure out what is what.  This once was a beaver entrance, because we saw beavers.  Now it may be an entrance for some other creature:

    I will finish today with two sky photos since it wasn't just light colored clouds during the two hours we were out there:

     We did see one heron, but I didn't get a good enough photo, and we saw kingfishers.  My shoreline plant photos didn't do as well this time either.  However, I was able to take more cliff photos than usual because of the light provied by an overcast sky.   
     Today I have enjoyed sharing the time we had in the place where we were....


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