Sunday, October 27, 2013

Milkweed (5th time in these posts), and some recent favorite photos

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     More milkweed to share, and I continue to find all the changes fascinating.   There sure aren't very many milkweed plants around to follow.  I am fortunate to have had three different sites to photograph.  The first photo shows more seeds and pods, at the roadside site (#3).

Notice the clumps of seeds that are hanging down, loosened from the gray pods.  I think the rain kept the fluff from separating and being blown by the breeze; two clumps had fallen on the ground nearby.

This emptied and dried out pod is at site #2, along our driveway.

Some remaining black walnuts from a week ago.  They are all but one off the tree now after the sun hit the branches yesterday morning following a serious frost during the night -- clank, clank, clank on the deck for over an hour.
Well, two fell in the lettuce - creating proof of a fall crop....

My husband's kale and turnips were looking good nearby, but soon after this photo, the deer spent a night ravaging these plants and "our" greens.

Driving over to check on my milkweed....

This shows the church 180 degrees behind me:

I liked the frost outline on this sign, on the way to our driveway - giving notice of the big curve ahead.

      These beef cows help me keep watch over the milkweed at site #3, and they all seem to have chosen the early morning sun after the nighttime frost.  This is just a snapshot, as I was pretty cold myself.

        Doing a blog means that there are some statistics kept about how many hits one gets, and which countries are giving these hits.  I have noticed recently that, after two years, I am getting a lot of hits for my sorghum molasses photos!  I have no idea why, but of course I am curious about who is interested.  Sometimes it is my tobacco photos that generate activity.  For both sorghum and tobacco, I have given an idea of the process of how each is done, but the information is not designed to be comprehensive.  It is just me sharing what is going on around here.  (For a long while, my Indonesian photos were a draw.)  I am mentioning this because I do hope what info I end up giving is accurate and helpful and, well, artful and interesting.  Each place on earth has its fascinations. 

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