Sunday, November 17, 2013

a change of seasons sweep-up

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      Last week some snow, today steady rain with gusty winds in the forecast, though most trees which lose their leaves in winter have already lost them.  Now here I am, feeling in between.  What I want to share photographically are two cemeteries, a few recent milkweeds (continued) -- plus a solid old barn and some mistletoe.  

    I don't know if country cemeteries are common all over Kentucky, but they definitely are just that in the northeastern part of this state.   I am so used to them that I forget to explain to readers of this blog about how ordinary they are.  And how beautiful.  We have one on our land as well, for families who owned our farm before us. The next photo is made by turning myself around to look west.

      Last month I also visited a local cemetery in the next county, with a friend who has a burial plot there.  It is also a beautiful place in the fall so I feel it works well to show them together.  It is called Sardis Cemetery; services are held twice a year at the old church house, on Memorial Day and on Labor Day weekends. 

    Now for two milkweed photos, one with seeds about to fly off in all directions, and the other with pods mostly empty and dried out, all parts doing what they are meant to do.

    To end today, a sturdy barn, built on stones, back in the woods, that I visited on a "mule", a four wheeler, one that I hadn't expected to ride in that day, but I am so glad it worked out for me to do.  My camera was in the car when I stopped just to say hello, and so it went with me too.  We were also out on their hay producing hillside, where I made the mistletoe photo.

backwoods barn

kind neighbor/driver, with young grandson beside him


       Mistletoe usually has to be shot out of the tree!  But if I can harvest some by reaching with a ladder, I now have permission to sell it at the annual Arts and Crafts Fair at Morehead State University the first Saturday of December.  (This year that means 12/7.)  
       NOTE: I will be having my usual booth, with the wondrous Jennifer Reis, as before, and I hearby declare a 10% discount on mistletoe if you mention this blog! ( Also, this year I will have a lot of cards on sale since I have way too many kinds of cards and need help paring down to the stars.  Desperate times require desperate means....) 

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