Sunday, November 24, 2013

our sunny Sunday before Thanksgiving

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        Well, lately, each week, I have been posting quite a few photos.  As we must regularly remind ourselves, however, there are only 24 hours in each day.  The time has come to cut back on the number of blog photos I post, for the sake of my other photo work.  I have to practice discipline to do this, which is not my greatest strength, but giving up the blog is simply not an option. I love doing it.  So I will try instead for a period of restraint. 
       I also want to explore other layouts for the blog and to figure out how to make the photos I do post look closer to their real sharpness while at the same time protecting them. 

        Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, here's my plan: this week and next I will share some photos with comments about how they each helped the photo work better!  The first one shows the spider whose web caught two leaves and who had not blown away by the time I saw this masterful display.  I caught it with amazing sharpness considering my camera was hand held and the wind was blowing!  (This is what I mean by photographic thankfulness....)  I hope the huge web shows up in what you are seeing, and, if not, I will post this photo again in a future post once I figure out how to make safer, sharper photos appear here.


      Next are three "portraits," with thanks to all creatures who appear, who tolerate, and who are sharing my world:
chewing on an apple right outside my desk window

looking resigned to all sorts of attention at the 4H event

enjoying the milkweed pod, beautifully blending in

      This next photo was made hand held, on Carter Ford, after a big rain.  It has one of my semi-philosophical, semi-humorous captions, which I am always thankful to find in my head:
out on a long leaf, over muddy water....

     To make myself end for today, I thought it a fine opportunity to share a photo of one of our wild turkey visitors.  They are skittish, and don't do what they are told, so this is the best I could get:
      Happy Thanksgiving, safe travels, and my thanks to you, viewers from all over the world who visit this blog when you can. 

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  1. I see the spider wed clearly. Beautiful colors but I especially like the reds.