Sunday, January 19, 2014

a meditation, a media frenzy, and a moment in the mountains

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      I was mezmerized by the shadows of water flowing under the ice, in our creek, ten days ago.  The shapes fascinated me. It led me, finally, to try a video with my cell phone.  I offer it here, today, in hopes it is of interest to some and of note by others, since it is a first for me.  I posted it on our family Instagram address, but here I can show it in its full size. I am even including the last second as a reminder that I have a lot to learn, as usual.  Were it ten minutes longer, it could be good meditation opportunity.

      I am currently visiting family in Denver, where today there is a major football game going on.  I am leaving the house shortly to see if there are any people at all in the stores; I hear that they will be deserted.  If I get some good photos of empty places, I will be posting them later tonight, mountain standard time.  
      As a token of all the hoopla surrounding this big event, from someone who is in no way interested in football, I found a great sweatshirt at Goodwill for my grandson, to show that I can overcome prejudice of every sort.  I have his father's permission to share this photo on today's post:

       This sweet fellow is almost three, and he is indeed the one who is so photogentic that I have never been able to manage a photo that doesn't show his face. 

        So that's all for now, or I will miss the opportunity to shop in an empty store.  More later, including some mountains.  Ann, on the move

LATER: went out, not much traffic, more cars in the Barnes and Noble parking lot than in the Home Depot, stopped at a favorite shoe store (for someone with very long feet) and at a Whole Foods, who said their usual Sunday afternoon was way slower than usual.  Some photos:

This gentleman -- wearing a Broncos sweatshirt -- explained that he had recently been working a great many 12 hour days, and he was using today to get back in favor with his shoe-shopping spouse.

Two views at Whole Foods, from one spot.  This staff member is a big Broncos fan but he was all right about working during the game --  said he could watch the game later.

Very friendly and laid back check-out clerks, all two of them.

Some traffic on Colorado Boulevard, but not the usual.  Notice the beautiful day!

    To end, here are two photos in the mountains west of Denver, taken yesterday, with thanks for the beauty of our world no matter the upheaval we put ourselves through. I made these photos at the same spot, and I share both because of the difference it makes in how the camera is held.  Enjoy!

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