Sunday, January 26, 2014

home again, back to winter -- in Kentucky

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        I am focusing on how this cold winter weather might be destroying harmful summer bugs.  This helps me to accept what is, but then I don't have kids at home clammering to see their friends at school.  Or a job that requires me to be at a certain place at a certain time.  In fact, going with the flow, I made a few photos from the great number of visiting birds this morning which I will share in this blog today.

      First, I was able to attend a lovely reception for a photo show in the historic Kentucky Theater in downtown Lexington Thursday evening.  I am sharing three photos I took there, with a hats off to the photographer, Jimmy Stevens.  To begin with, I thought the Mission Statement was terrific:

      A favorite photo which several of us tried to capture had reflections that were too challenging.  I believe it is a photo of Jimmy's mother.  Wonderful.

      Rather than show other works there, and not do them justice either, I am instead showing a moment with some of the folks who came.  The photographer is the one sitting in his chair.  I so enjoyed getting to something like this in the middle of our winter!  Thanks, Jimmy and Jackie, if you are reading this.

    Now, here is a taste of this morning's birds:

cardinals at rest, with a junco

cardinal on the go!
two robins passing through, checking out our berries

      Two more cardinal views -- we had about six pairs interested in the bird feeder this cold morning!
waiting in the wind
facing into the wind and watching and being handsome even with snow on his beak
        Despite the fact we live on a ridge and quite a ways from town, we can usually get out and about whenever we want to.  Last night we went to a community theater event at the Rowan County Arts Center.  Many other people made it there as well despite the wind, cold and ongoing snow showers.  WAY TO GO, COMMUNITY!  I mention all this because I do have readers/viewers in all parts of the world.  Some, I am sure, never get to see snow.  So here, for you, are a photo and a short video I took from the front passenger seat in our car last night during our drive in:

      I am still learning about videos, on the go, so to speak.  I am going to publish this post now, and if the video isn't working, it just means I am still working on making it work....later: got the video to work, but haven't managed to delete the one that doesn't work...stay tuned.

      A special shout out to our neighbors Sandy and Junie.  I hope things are going well today.  We miss you and send our best!

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  1. so many beautiful photos-love "waiting in the wind"-Charlene