Sunday, April 27, 2014

my recent photo project -- ROUTE 32, before its impending demise!

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       A road is just a road.  However, in a rural area, often the road is what links a community, even though it is stretched out along many miles.  
      Near where I live there is a road that the powers that be are eager to "improve."  This means that plans are already made which will totally change the configuration of twelve miles or so of the Route 32 community in my county and the neighboring county.  
      I am not at all convinced this project is a good idea, so I decided to ride the road during  this early spring -- before the leaves are out and hiding the lay of the land -- to see what I could see.  I've enjoyed taking photos both along the road and on the smaller side roads that connect to it.  It is beautiful where I live, and, as usual, with my camera I take time to notice a lot more aspects of a place.  (Partly that's because I am not driving and photographing at the same time!)  Note: it does require some ingenuity to find places to park my car -- thank goodness for all the family cemeteries.  
      So far I have managed to get over there 4 times.
      I have shared these photos with Darlene who knows who lives where now, as well as who used to live where.  She is amazing!  She can even point out some of the places where the road is expected to go. I sure appreciate her help and her good humor.  
       This first photo shows a home (on the right of the photo) which will be taken out and replaced by an impersonal wider road.  Route 32 is on the left in this photo.

      The next three photos show images as I moved the camera to the left :

       Next is another photo of the same house-which-would-be-gone.  I am standing a bit farther off route 32.

        The following three photos continue to the right from the house.  The road would run across them all and take out the barn as well.  (Logging is in progress by the current land owner.)

         I drove on a dirt road toward the barn for the above photo, and this cemetery was behind me when I tried turning the car around.  I just liked the look of it all.  Road design plans usually try to avoid these small family cemeteries, which are very common in the rural south.


        Another perspective on the trees and the cemetery:

leaving the barn/cemetery road, back to Route 32, about to continue on to the left :

      a closer view of the house and barn across the way, visible through the leafless trees:

      I am repeating this photo from earlier, as I get ready to continue left.  The road to the barn and the fence in the two photos above are to the left of this photo below:

      I will continue my views along Route 32 next Sunday on this blog. Questions are welcome in the comment section. Just sign in as "anonymous" if you don't have another sign-in choice that works for you.  Thanks so much!

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  1. Very good job Ann I think you done a great job showing the houses and where the road is planning to go. I also know where this was, I am excited to see the next post to see if I know where it is. Enjoy!!!! Sandy