Sunday, April 20, 2014

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      I thought Easter Sunday a good excuse to go into the woods to the creek early this morning to see what's new and what's now.  So here is a sharing of today's signs of early spring after a long winter; there's a lot not showing yet and a heavy cover of dried leaves.

THIS YEAR'S REDBUD, again with their amazing "flowers from the branch" act:

in the yard -- as of today our most advanced lilac bloom

These small dogwood blossoms are in the yard as well, and very new.

Our old faithful apple tree has only a few blossoms this spring!  A long winter....

I apologize for this image not being super sharp but I am sharing it anyway.  I love the progressive unfurling and the single pearl.  I believe these are some solomon's seal -- to be confirmed next week.

This is the SINGLE blooming trillium I saw, and it was near water. 

on a mud bank, just below the trillium

       I have had a recent request for some vertical tree or forest images, so I tried for a few additional ones this morning.  It is early in the season to get any kind of a vibrant look.

       I hope everyone has been having a fine weekend and a beautiful day today!  Our three remaining hens say cluck, cluck to you all, and aren't you glad we chickens lay eggs?  Writing this makes me realize we need to get some new Araucuna hens, the ones who lay blue eggs ready to go for Easter....

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