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end of August, part 2, a family reunion in Maine

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         After almost two weeks, it is time to share more about beautiful Maine and the every other year reunion with my fun paternal cousins.  My father was the middle of three brothers, who had a total of ten offspring, eight of whom are still living. This was the generation who were all there this year, and four of us had six of our young adult kids who brought along with them 7 kids, ages 2 - 12.  We all call each other cousins, whether it be first, second, third or once or twice removed.  And this is why there will be a photo of the 24 lobsters on our Saturday night table.  (We did the actual eating outside or inside, wherever we could find a place to sit.  I was way too busy to take any photos!  Dangerous to leave plate or place unprotected....)
         Of note: we can gather in Maine because of the generosity of my cousin Sarah and her husband Bill who live there and have a house they rent out in the summer - except during the last week of August.  We can't all sleep under its roof but we sure can eat and visit up a storm and feel we are present for a special time in a beautiful place. 

first evening, the deck end of the house

the deck, the view, the bay

Bill at work....

at the motel, made up of several buildings, located near the water

Between the motel and the house was a bridge that rotates to make way for high boats..  I managed to wait in line twice.  There is an osprey nest on one end of the top of the bridge though it doesn't show up in the photos.

Three views around and in the house

the next door house and their ramp

Two photos of cousins at play:

Dinner - keep it simple, keep it delicious, keep it beautiful:

 Sunday morning, three views from the motel, starting at 6:45 a.m.:

same elements but from a different angle and an hour later

I didn't take all that many photos over the weekend, but there were some I couldn't resist.  A shout out to all those cousins of all generations. It was great to be all together, and I even enjoyed the long day and a half car rides to and from home to be there.  However, one reason, as always, for sharing these photos is for all the visitors to this blog, from Kentucky and from around the world, who may never have the chance to go to Maine. 

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  1. Sitting here in NC in the early AM 9/8, it wonderful to see this post and it is a gift.

    Thank you.