Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kentucky moments this week, photos with stories

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        "What, I am not welcome?  But there is all this tender grass in your field, and winter is coming, and besides I am bigger than you are...."

          A best ever display of cardinal flowers at the pond:


         But the milkweed this year is not as amazing as last year!  I never would have gotten the wonderful photos I have from June 2013 - July 2014 had I begun the series this year instead.  The year before that were fledglings after fledglings begging to be filmed, but I haven't seen them this year.  Maybe this year to year unpredictability is part of what makes the current cardinal flower display feel even more spectacular.

Yet even though this year's milkweed plants are way less showy than last year, here is a MONARCH CATERPILLAR, eating the milkweed leaves, preparing to hang out in a green sack.  I never saw one all last year!!  I thank Dustin Cecil for emailing me and making me a believer!!  


This photo is from the funeral and burial of Don Rita Butler, one of the first people I got to know where I first worked when we moved to Kentucky in 1974.  Her granddaughers were her pallbearers, per her request.  I love it that we have been close to her growing and fascinating family all these years.

    This yellow butterfly flew in just in time for the photo shoot.  And then moved on.

  Then there's this friendly soul who lives nearby, always a welcome stalwart presence... I hope everyone also enjoys some deeply rooted friendships!


  1. Love this blog!! I always do, but I especially enjoy how this one moves. Thank you!

  2. You stole my shots from the pond! But they are free for the taking. I enjoy your blogs too. hugs!