Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blog highlights, for the second year of the four

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        The big election is over, and the candidate I have supported didn't survive the onslaught of money and meanness.  I am still proud I could vote, and for her.  My rural county and several others near here gave her the majority of our votes as did the big cities. (Kentucky has 120 counties, so they are small enough that we think of ourselves primarily as part of a county.) 

       Well, today I return to blog reviewing, for my blog year #2.  I'm just mentioning my most viewed posts -- popular for whatever reason.  Who knows why.  In fact, who ever knows what makes anything or anyone "popular!"
  • On 3/25/12, I talked about the different cameras I use.  The post is called "a plethora of cameras." (I liked the way those words sounded together.)  My tools haven't changed much since then, except that my best Canon camera is now a really better one.  I continue with my iPhone 4G as well as the Lumix point and shoot I can take out in the rain or under water.
  • On 6/10/12, my topic was part of the draft of the Appalachian Alphabet book George Ella Lyon and I are still working on.  Specifically, it's the letters Q, R, S!   If you have time to check out just one of these former posts, I recommend this one -- it has the greatest variety of photos. By the way, George Ella's latest book has just been released:  What Forest Knows, illustrated by August Hall and published by Atheneum.  It is getting some fine reviews!!
  • The post that got the most views was my tribute to Mike Mullins, from Hindman, KY, who died very unexpectedly.  He was the Executive Director of the Hindman Settlement School, and the power behind the annual Appalachian Writers Workshops there. I knew that many people who appreciated Mike would not be able to make it to Hindman for the funeral, in late February, 2012, so I am glad I was set up to be able to share some photos with them. 
      To finish this post, I'm going to yesterday.  I left home early to attend a conference in Midway, KY, just west of Lexington.  The topic was a report about energy options for Kentucky.  I found each presentation truly riveting.  And there was also discussion about the election, led by former Governor Martha Layne Collins.  I'm so glad I was able to be there.  
       I did take my camera with me, of course, and the first two photos are near home, showing that I indeed  left early!!)  The two maple tree photos are mid morning in Midway.  We don't see trees like that so much in my part of Kentucky.  A great day -- except I would have loved to have more morning time for photos in Midway, which is horse country beautiful.

the neighbors, untouched photo

behind me at that same spot

Midway College campus

      Today is sunny here, lovely, leaves keep falling, our wood cookstove is back in winter position, and I will be back here in a week....

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