Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving week, a photo a day

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       Last week I said I would take a photo a day for this week.  I did it, even though a holiday week makes for some random images.  Here are six days, the photo -- and sometimes more than one photo for one day. I start from near my home, a sight I often pass, at all times of day and night:

       We traveled on Tuesday, heading west, to be with our son and his family.  Even the dog seemed glad to see us -- or am I just imagining that to be true....

      Wednesday we were up and about downtown Denver, checking out the blue bear sculpture,

     and traveling on the light rail and passing freight trains carrying coal.  I loved the lines and the colors here, and of course I love moving trains:

     There were also Thanksgiving preparations that evening,

      with more to do on Thanksgiving day.
     On Friday my granddaughter and I went to the wonderfully humid Botanical Gardens to meet a Kentucky friend, who is an ace photographer.  The day was sunny and warm, but the two following photos were taken inside the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory.  I chose the topics for how interesting they were to me.  

      Then yesterday more family came, some of us got dressed up for a Christmas photo taking session, and there was again good eating, this time mostly Mexican.  I made the last two photos after doing the family shoot. They are a happy way, for me, to end this post today.


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  1. Ann, love the duck on the water, the shadows and reflections. Wow.