Sunday, March 29, 2015

final four, even without any UK basketball!

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        Life has been full court around here - if I can count the only-5-years-old washing machine that died, the tire I slashed by driving over some debris along the ridge, the laptop that continues to be too full, and the bushels of teeny tiny ants that are welcoming spring on my kitchen counter.  So I thought today I would post several final four selections of photos from my recent past, to celebrate the tournament of life, without the stress/adrenalin pump of only one winner....
      The first fun was time with two grandkids and a visit to the Denver zoo. I didn't make many photos during the visit, but here are four images I am happy to share. Already I am a winner for just being there with them!

eye to eye with a tortoise! 

      Next, I was honored to be part of an arts presentation in Lexington, at the newly renovated Friends Meeting House -- an event that had been the dream of the cellist.  Two poets and this photographer joined her to share music by Bach, with poems and periods of silence interspersed, and with some of my photos on display that connected to the poems.  We were grateful so many people came, even though the event, planned many months ago, took place during one of University of Kentucky's tournament games... 

audience fans and relations -- and a favorite photo of mine and a great t-shirt

The cellist is Roberta, center, with Melva Sue, left, and Judy, right.
        Besides basketball in Kentucky, it has been time to check for spring: Four of us went looking for early flowers, especially hepatica, and for remembered early signs of spring.  We even walked as far as the chimney in the woods, looking for daffodils that I'm sure I saw in  other years there.  But there were none!!  I will be checking in 10 days to see if they are irradicated for some reason or just late.  There were still treasures to be found, however, and stay tuned for additional photos in a few weeks, including guest photos of what we found.

look for the photographer in this photo, and in the next one....

         OK, now for the fourth and final round today - four photos from a fine eightieth birthday party for June McDaniel, Saturday afternoon!  I got my flat tire on the way over, but arrived in time for a fine feast and delicious cake.  My thanks, as always, to this family for taking me in and always, always making me feel so welcome.  

    This next photo could be called having your cake and eating it, too:

      I do want to thank the three young men in a white pick-up truck who kindly stopped to change my tire -- the first vehicle to come by.  I love that I live where that happens.  We are all winners when community is strong.

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  1. I found the photographers! Good looking women, all. xoxo