Sunday, March 1, 2015

more England, from earlier non-winter visits

lovely England!
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       Someone asked me if I would be posting some snow photos this week.  I answered that if I did, I thought no one would look at them!!  They would most likely cry out "NO MORE SNOW." So that is why I feel I have a good excuse to dig back in my photo files for some favorites of mine, from England, not always during wintertime.

       This is what the butcher shop in the last post USED TO look like, before new European Union regulations and before new owners.  I am very glad I managed to make this photo, in Mickleton, before it was too late.

      The next photo shows where I was sitting when I made last week's photo of the fireplace in the old house.  Bill and his wife, June, own the house, parts of which may be 400 years old, and their grandson, Charlie, was visiting.
         I love the hanging baskets on the outside of their home. 

         I have a fascination with the milk bottles deliveries, so here are two more photos, including the truck that was stopped on the street in front of where my stepmother lives.

Dogs are popular in town, with their own "parking" places outside the shops.

Popular, too, with tourists and towns people is the ATM machine, in an ancient wall belonging these days to the bank.

       As for gardens, they are everywhere!! The first photo I call "winter sunshine."  The birches on the right are featured in the second photo, taken in a different season, early in the morning.

asters, in Peggy's garden

oilseed rape blossoms, used for making cooking oils, huge fields of them in the spring

 I was in a top floor bedroom, hanging out the window, for these two early morning photos.

            This third town photo was made a few hours later, as the day warms up.

outside the green grocer

overnight in the coffee house
Mary, outside her deli shop, catching some rays

I love these old steps and the whole look of this passageway.
   I apologize for those of you who checked this post on Sunday, March 1, when I had trouble uploading the photos, for some still unknown reason.  But here they are, more than I usually impose on viewers on a single day, but I hope, as always, that they are of interest!

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