Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rain, run-off, ridiculous wetness

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       I am eager to return later today to this creek and to the hints of wildflowers that I visited in our woods just 4 days ago.  Everything is still very wet, and our eastern Kentucky earth is saturated by the constant rain.  I even have had an area of wet carpet in my gallery, where water has never been before.  We are not complaining, but everyone is ready for some drying out!  Gardens are being started, and also lawns mowed.  Thanks, F., for the lettuce in our cold frame, planted last fall.  And, special thanks, in this "I'm grateful" section, to Bob and the Stanley Steemer company.  He arrived at my gallery less than 12 hours after I called them at 9 at night!  It looks as if my carpet will make it now to enjoy another year.

hints of trillium and more, coming soon, maybe revealing themselves by today

These hepatica show the leaves their name derives from -- in the lower right corner of this second photo. 

the birth of fern fronds
       I also returned to the Howards' moss wonderland in the woods this week, and I made two more photos while there:

      Here is one last photo, looking up at daffodils at home.  This is especially for those of you still surrounded by winter.  It's my wish for everyone to have hopeful discoveries during this time of year.

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  1. wonderful images of earliest spring
    balanced by struggles with end of winter woes.