Sunday, June 14, 2015

returns, to the folk art, to our place, and to the milkweed

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     Yesterday I finally returned to the KY Folk Art Center to redo some photos I made a week ago, this time using my good camera instead of my iPhone.  I am much happier with the results, though who knows if the difference is noticeable on this blog.  But since I do these posts mostly for my own happiness, it has been worth the extra effort.  So, as a follow-up to  last week's post, here, now, are two more photos of that intriguing laundry scene by Robbie Mueller:

       Back home, until the neighbors come over to mow our fields, I asked for a temporary single path to the barn!  It turns out to be a wonderful thing to try to make a photo of.  These are three of my tries, the last one being with my 70-300 lens, the first two with the 124-105 lens.


       I share the next two photos as a way to think about how to hold the camera. You can see the two same bugs on the flowers in each photo, so it is clearly the same bunch of daisies, but I think the photos look quite different, which fascinates me.  You may or may not agree, but I'm just saying.

       Then late in last night's evening light, I drove the car up to the milkweed plants at the end of our driveway that I had photographed for a year beginning in June 2013.  Last year they were pitiful, but this year they once again seem to be flourishing.  Maybe they have loved all the rain we had in April. Or something like that. I took the car so I could sit in the driver's seat, with the window down, and use my trusty bean bag on that window ledge as a way to hold the camera steady in that low light. The wind has mostly stopped blowing by then; all is quiet and full of wonder.

       There remain two photos, of quirky visitors to our place.  Though all are welcome, some, like the deer, are pretty hard to live with sometimes, especially when it comes to sharing the garden.
a visitor on our cow bell doorbell

a visitor on our steps

          THANKS FOR BEING A VISITOR -- perhaps quirky, perhaps not -- TO THIS BLOG!

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  1. I love the path photos! Inspiring, to say the least, & novel. Where did you get that idea? I've watched those milkweed blooms, too. Daisies, a favorite, & I can see the difference in the angle. Cheers to you! x0x0