Sunday, June 28, 2015

a visit in wonderland: rhododendrons at Carter Ford

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      My daughter and granddaughter are visiting me for a week, so yesterday we went exploring! The wild rhododendrons are out, and a wonderful place to see them is at Carter Ford. This requires a drive on a narrow dirt road which luckily is currently in pretty good shape, though no one else was there in that magical place. I don't usually show any photos of my family on this blog, but today it can't be helped. I like to tell stories with my photos, and they are very much part of today's story.
the actual "ford"

view to the right, looking upstream

roadside, near the ford

looking for treasures

finding a millepede!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

       Magic has been happening at the house as well!  First, the fawn -- whom I first saw last week running around and around the house!  Later, with the doe (its mom, we assume), it came to check for apples that might have fallen in the field.  We have also seen a big box turtle, a very long snake which we think is a black snake, plus, of course, various birds, skinks, butterflies and, every evening, lightning bugs. 

     We also enjoyed meeting a brand new, freed from the shell, cicada!  We watched it hang there until fully separated from its shell and dried. It then took off. I will show more photos of it next week.  It was beautiful in its own insect fashion, and a good way to celebrate all the coming out that is happening this week as we learn about how human beings also need the same freedom to be themselves!!  Our best practice can be to support one another on this process throughout our lives.

       I will show additional photos of this event next week, but now it is time for me to get back to some more adventures with family.  I am so grateful to have this time with them.

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