Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spring photos, part 2 of 2, cicadas and Indian Pipes

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      Welcome, world, especially my many readers in Greece and Ukraine who seem to come here weekly despite the unrest and struggles in their countries.  We certainly and fervently wish you safe outcomes.  Greetings, too, to new readers who discover my version of life in Appalachia. Actually I only get a number for each country where there are viewers, so I don't really know if readers are new or not. But I hope some are, and thus the welcome to you! Also, it is now easier for me to answer reader comments, as I learned today in responding to a comment I received on last week's post.  Anyway, enough housekeeping, and back to bugs and Indian Pipes and such!
       In early June, my visiting daughter sat on the outside steps for some reason, thereby discovering some fascinating bug activity underneath the railing. It all took about an hour.  Emerging moments:

leaving the shell

hanging out and drying out

progress on the milkweed

Indian Pipes, 6/4/15, with Maura., who found them
same pipes, 2 weeks later, soon to be finished
an additional photo from our time on Carter Ford
 and two more photos of my daughter and her daughter, on Carter Ford, to show better how beautiful they are.

I have had some trouble with the photo prep routine this week, so the photos may not be as clear as usual, which isn't as clear as I'd like anyway.  Work to do soon, so my apologies for now.  Here is one last photo, for fun.  The caption is what went through my head when I saw these gooseneck garlics doing their thing. It comes with thanks to Melva for providing these gooseneck garlic plants.  

"Look! They went thataway!"

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  1. Our perhaps the photographer reversed the image and they actually WenT that other ThaTaWaY!