Sunday, July 5, 2015

some spring photos I don't want to leave behind, part 1 of 2

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       My spring has been full, with places to go and beauty to behold. Last week's post shared our visit to the rhododendron at Carter Ford, the week before was hemp growing and included Peg's four dogs and her other farm companions.  Before that were two posts mosty about Kentucky Folk Art, following several posts featuring cemeteries in Eastern Kentucky.  
       I was able to be a few other places as well, however, and then there are the treasures found during walks to the waterfalls. So this week and next I want to share some photos from here and there, literally. I guess, just to be convoluted, this display also doesn't give me any good excuse for saying "I never get anything done...."

      My first share comes from my long drive up to Massachusetts in May for a visit with my daughter and her family before I went to my college reunion.  Here are some photos, a few from several places during my trip:

My daughter and her daughter live near my college, so they came over to visit. That's when we explored this garden area. I was totally taken by this bush design and by the tulips in the next photo!

This photo is full of tradition, the seniors standing all along the sides as members of each of the reunioning classes walk down the middle on our way to an outdoors auditorium area the day before their graduation.  Getting the clapping hands of my classmate (Beth, aren't they yours?) was purely the luck of the moment, not staged or planned.
    Sort of "on my way home" I went to see my sister, Robin, who lives near Boston. She grows remarkable gardens and has great skill with her drawing pens.  Her recent exhibit had made it home but had not yet been packed up, so I was able to take some photos of that:

     I find her work amazing. I can't imagine the patience and skill this takes. I would be including some garden photos as well, but I was there midday with bright sun, so nothing I could have photographed in the short time I had would have been worthy of what was growing there.  Sorry!

      I went next to visit close friends Susan and Henry who live on Cape Cod.  Henry is a 9th generation Cape Codder!!  Their home and land always has wonder shining all over it. Does the red-winged blackbird show up on the screen between the two swans? I am sending them a copy of this photo in an 8x12 size. It is sharper in real life than whatever it ends up being on my blog.

     Susan and I managed to be on the beach while between rain showers.  I LOVE IT.

     When I made my next segment of the trip, to Connecticut, where my high school friend Elisabeth lives, I went through quite a bit of rain. I timed it well, however. This is what greeted me -- such an abundance of color!  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take more than about 6 photos all together.

      I did make it home finally, pretty worn out for awhile, but it is now fun to be sharing these few photos and revisiting the people and places without ANY driving involved.  Next week there will be the Kentucky photos, but I would like to end with one today that I think about often. I will try to include it in next week's post as well so that I can explain more about this Memorial Day family potluck. Thanks for traveling along with me.


  1. Where is Susan and Henry's house on the Cape? I remember walking with George Ella on a stretch of beach there that looks just like the photo. Also Robin's drawings are wonderful.

    1. Steve, they live in East Dennis, but not on the beach. They built their salt box from old pieces of salt boxes, in the late sixties. It is always lovely there and can feel other worldly. The beach is nearby, but hard to know about unless you are a local resident.