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more note card images (chapter 2)

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        I have looked forward all week to sharing some more of my note cards with their titles. Since I don't print these, I can change the color of the paper I tape them to, and I can make a lot of different cards as newer images come along to try to take a place in the selection. I carry most of the titles in my head, but sometimes I do draw a blank and have to start from the beginning or ask for help from someone who may have bought the card earlier.
       The first two cards come from a weeklong workshop I did years ago with Alison Shaw on Martha's Vineyard, with financial help from the Kentucky Arts Council. It had a lot of early mornings and late evening shoots. Both of the following images were made during a visit to a farmers' market, in mid day, but the booths were under a tarp so there was no harsh sunlight to contend with. The first card has an extremely straightforward title!
farmers' market

dyed in the [home grown] wool
        Now back to Kentucky. Years ago I caught a neighbor doing a first plowing of his tobacco, using a horse, a hand plow, and a hillside.  The sun was bright but my slide film -- Velvia - which I was using at the time, kept the colors true.
first plowing
      Tobacco is fascinating even if one is against smoking.... I was honored to be asked to take photos of these mules at work since the mules were about to retire. This is now digital film at work.
tobacco rows
shadows in the bright dawn

spring falls
      The waterfall photo appears at the beginning of George Ella Lyon's Counting on the Woods.  It was on the first roll of slide film I took with my new camera and new tripod for the book. It amazes me to this day.
       The next photo was all luck. I just happened to be in the area at that time of year, and I drove in the park out of pure curiosity. Near the top of the small mountain is this opening on the side of the road.... This historic view sells well consistently . 
Cumberland Pass
backwoods cemetery

September tobacco, ready to cut
     The next field photo is of the same field, a few years later, and I had help with the title from George Ella Lyon.  It is one of my best known images:
earthbound book
        How about this cow image, in the field, again at another time, with a title that is just plain fun. This photo is harder to get than it might at first appear.  A cow in a field. Well, all I can say is try it sometime!
black and white in color

       To end for today, here are two bird cards, both due to the pure luck of being in that place (on Grayson Lake) at the right time, in a quiet boat, exploring. I like to show birds in their natural place, as part of nature's design. I don't have any proper bird photography equipment, but sometimes things just work out.

blue heron on Grayson Lake

an anhinga
       I know, a single anhinga is not normally seen in eastern Kentucky, so it may be a cormorant. However, I was in a boat and it was on top of a high cliff, and I love the photo.  If anyone feels strongly that it is one or the other, please do leave me a comment. Signing in as anonymous usually works just fine.  Thank you so much.

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