Sunday, December 27, 2015

more note cards, for the end of the year

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      and the last one of 2015.  I am sharing some additional cards today, with titles, and sometimes with a story, starting with three winter cards:

field research

well red

Joyeux Noel, en France [Versailles]

           Not all my cards are Appalachian, since I do travel to England, to see my step-mother, and occasionally to France, to see the French family I lived with when I was an exchange student there my junior year in high school. For the photo above, I had gone to the market in Versailles for groceries and flowers.
        The following photo was made early one morning. It shows "money tree" branches in front of the old fashioned windows on the third floor of my step-mother's home in a small town near Stratford-upon-Avon. This has been a favorite card for a number of years. Its title is "still light".

       Back home in Kentucky, here are some images from what I see that simply catches my eye. The first four are near the house where I live. Things just happen, and if I don't have my camera, I can go get my camera.
deer trio

writing spider
daisies from above

rose of sharon [in our yard]
     The next three cards are from the region. They required a different kind of preparation, which the first and main one is called BEING THERE:

country crossing

a window in a window

side tracked
        This track image was taken in West Virginia so I could try making images for a children's picture book about kids riding the train to travel between divorced parents. The train really was moving when I got this photo through the window, a good example of why being there -- and being aware while there -- is so valuable. While working to get such a book published I can use images such as this one as one of my note cards.
         For the final card image today, I am using another "had to be there" photo. I passed by this familiar-to-me location at just the right time in the evening to see this happening. I knew where to stop the car. I knew I couldn't wait to think about it. I knew I thought it was beautiful. This place doesn't always look as amazing as this, but sometimes things happen.... and come together. Again thanks, for being here with me.

after the storm


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  1. I am partial to Well Red & Still Light & Writing Spider. Daisies from above looks almost like an owl's face! Love the last one After the Storm. I enjoy following your amazing blog. Happy New Year coming!