Sunday, March 20, 2016

Now a salute to the first day of spring!

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       I can never keep from making a few photos to celebrate the beginning of this most wonderful of seasons. When I was a kid in Connecticut, I definitely considered winter to be the very best. I loved playing in the snow with my sisters. As soon as I moved to Kentucky in 1974, however, I was overtaken by the beauty of spring. Wild flowers! Redbud trees! Dogwoods everywhere! Birds going wild with breeding and nesting and eating bugs! The magic of so much awakening and bursting out in a short time!
      My plan for this blog has been to have several posts featuring the birds who have visited me over the years, but today I am putting that project off still another week. First I need to say hooray for the very coming of spring itself. Then to shout out a thank goodness for April.     
       So here is what I have seeing over the past week:

the crocus crowd, looking this good for a whole day!

Meanwhile, nearby, the very beginning of blooms on a forsythia bush

As a photographer, never forget to look overhead for what may be unexpected.

In forty two years here I have never before caught the moment when this moss along the bank of the driveway's edge was flowering!  I was simply on my way to pick up the mail, only to notice that this special event was going on. One day. I was disbelieving at first. Could that be a fungus??  NO WAY. 

in the garden, showing off

In the middle of all this nature mystery, Grayson Rural Electric Coop decides we need a taller pole for the long wire to our house. So here are three photos from that unexpected project.  I'm glad I was here to watch.

This job took two trucks and 6 guys! I'm sure they had other projects nearby as well.

I later went to town and to the post office, where these flowering trees may be blooming too early, so sharing their beauty only briefly.  I hear they don't like frost, and we might have had one last night. 

Meanwhile, in the house, my loyal sweet potato continues its growing journey, bringing the one sprig of basil along with it. My next plan for it, if it lives another few weeks indoors, is to plant it outside, to see what happens  then!  I take my magic wherever I can get it. 
          And here's a special hello to those of you who are visiting this new post on this very first day of spring!

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  1. The cloud photo reminded me of the tall thin photo in your show, borrowed I think from Geo. Ella. I loved that one. And I especially like how much the sweet potato has grown. Daughter spirals sweet potato for breakfast dish. xoxo