Sunday, March 6, 2016

The mingling of winter's ending and my exhibit's ending

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       All good things.... time to move on..... wow, what adventure is next... why have I been so busy.... and how come I am not as well organized as I'd like to be....  Many things to think about besides the crass and even shocking sideshow currently taking place in the American public arena. I'd like to think my photos celebrate a certain American generosity and groundedness, and, when push comes to shove, this quality of American life will prevail. Americans from all backgrounds are way better than what Donald Trump has stirred up with his mean-spirited and egomanic behavior.
        Well, with that out of the way, I am following an idea that came to me combining the intensity of ending my retrospective photo exhibit with the sudden and unexpected snow experience we all had around here on Thursday -- when the forecast gave rain for the day.  Ha!! I made it home, but barely. There were wrecks in too many places, and even our interstate closed down for awhile to clear them. So my plan is to alternate winter and exhibit, the orderliness of one balancing the unexpected of the other, both sharing mystery.

signs of snow

the banner outside the Arts Center 
overview of the exhibit, just hours before we took it down

out the kitchen window

first of the views with the black walnut tree and barn

So glad Randy Kinsler could come on the last day -- we worked together in his bookstore years ago; I loved it.

out the back door - many tracks from visitors at home during the night.  No group photos available.....

I started the wood stove in case the electricity went out (which it did, for a few hours!)

Sort of by accident, this photo montage from a fire tower near Hazard, KY, was hung under the fire alarm..  Wonderful!

the beloved sycamore tree

bird feeding  (downy woodpecker)

If this had been the rain it was supposed to be I wouldn't have been able to make this photo!!!

getting ready for the exhibit soon to replace mine
Does it seem clear by now that this inconvenient snow was also beautiful and fascinating and a time taker!!??
Guess what's coming... Happy March to all!


  1. I enjoyed your interweaving photos of snow and art! And I had not noticed the irony of the montage from a fire tower near Hazard hung under the fire alarm! I'm not sure you didn't plan that! xo

  2. I did NOT plan that, but I thanked Taral, who did. I wish it had been me....