Sunday, June 19, 2016

faces my camera has found

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    I am currently in western Massachusetts at the Montague Bookmill, which calls itself the bookstore with books you don't need in a place you can't find.  I have posted from here before, always giving thanks to its mostly reliable wifi -- though just now it didn't save something I thought it would, and I lost my first draft of this post.  However, the sound of the water over the long stretch of rocks outside the open window is comforting, and this 1824 Grist Mill is indeed a treasure, so here I try again.  But this time I will be posting as I go....
         I have saved this post to share, chronologically, some faces of folks I mostly know and whom I have been with during the past 6 weeks.  I rarely fully identify people I take photos of, but if I do it is usually because they have a public persona.  Otherwise, I assume each person knows who she or he is, and isn't that the most important thing we can hope to know about, truly, in the first place?

1) I begin with a few faces from the local fire station fish fry in early May, as thanks for their hard work to raise money AND provide fire protection for our large rural area.

The artist decorates her own face? Wow! She says she loves being able to share her skills.

2) Next is Steve Middleton, banjo player, and video maker, including his "Never Get Out Alive" which has an interview with me!  Steve is on the faculty of Morehead State University.  Anyway, Steve, this is fair play turn around, and you said you wanted to be on my blog!

3) My best photo from the high school graduation -- wonderful neighbors!

 4) gardening friends, Bonnie and Lucy, on Bonnie's stone wall:

5) Marvin Francis, remarkable artist, working in paper mache while in prison, whose brilliant work is currently on display at the Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead, KY. I took this photo at the opening reception. Go see this exhibit! KFAC is free. It's open weekdays in the summer.

6) We had a local commemoration for the senseless tragedy in Orlando, and here a few photos. It is tricky to be honest via photography without intruding on an occasion, but the light was lovely and I hope the solemnity of the occasion comes across.  Hate solves nothing, yet it rears its ugly head over and over again.  I simply don't get it.

Thanks - I would have a few more photos, but after having to redo this post, because I wasn't paying full enough attention, I have run out of time. If anyone ever wants me to remove a photo, please just let me know - We need to take care of each other.


  1. Reading your blog in an industrial corner of Indianapolis.Great photos; wish there were one of the Bookmill!

  2. Especially like the toothless grinning girl!