Sunday, June 26, 2016

on the road, in brief, with photos from 4 states in the northeast

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       I recently drove from Kentucky to New England, by myself, with Lee Smith's memoir in essays, Dimestore, as my book on CDs for company.  First stop: a party, near Albany, NY, where I got to meet the latest extended family member, saw her mom and her longtime aunt-in-all-but-blood.

I was holding both this beautiful 2 month old great-niece and my iPhone, experimenting.

Oh the challenges of white skin, black skin, white dress, dark purple dress, with a thank you for the more medium toned barn door behind.... Even so, this may be my favorite photo from the party.

        Went from there to my daughter's, where the school year was ending for two teachers and a five year old, with traditions to be honored -- such as students in line to water dunk one teacher after another.  I missed filming the actual splash for my son-in-law, but at least in this photo it looks like he was briefly having fun!

a live smiling hibiscus plant....
first teacher to be dunked, on the way into the water!!

line of hopeful students/dunkers


  Another visit was to my Alma Mater, which is nearby. Those trees and their shadows in the central circle seemed particularly beautiful to me. I also went the college art museum, which always satisfies.

    The next day I showed up at Sheila's house, near Hanover, NH, for a lunch that was not only beautiful but also delicious. I hadn't seen her for too many years, and David was away to lead a folk dance event, but I am grateful we had time for sharing stories, a meal and a garden tour!! and some laughing!!  The wine glasses contain a cold melon soup with treasures added -- eloquent and tasty smoothies.

delphiniums with me

and without me

     Sheila reports she finally found a solution to their deer problem - which we also have in Kentucky.  SO I took a photo of what she says has given her back her garden.  Since her garden is an anchor for her, this has been a true gift.  I haven't checked yet whether this expensive environmentally friendly spray is also available in Kentucky, but I will be  researching that and be ready to try it next year.  (It requires an early spring start.)

        Finally it was time to leave the Hanover area to return for one last night in western Massachusetts before starting the drive home to Kentucky... Squeaked in here before dark last night.  Saw evidence of the terrible flooding in West Virginia. I am wondering of course if man's damage to the mountians contributed at all to the wreckage from the already powerful downpours they experienced.  
       Anyway, while returning to Massachusetts I drove the back way for awhile. The route includes this long covered bridge from New Hamsphire to Vermont, over the Connecticut River, near nothing else in particular except the small town of Windsor, VT.  

  The last photo for today was made at my cousin's house in Hanover. I couldn't resist the combo of colors and textures of these flowers.  My thanks to all friends and relatives for taking me in, sometimes at the last moment, and for the chance to get caught up a bit with our lives. Meg, you got me first but I didn't do well in the photo department that first day! 

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  1. Love the long bridge, and the live smiling hibiscus plant!