Sunday, December 18, 2016

Favorites, 2016, part 1 of 3

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       Hello to all during this mid December with its extreme cold weather in so many places. Here in eastern Kentucky, we have not yet had more than a few snow flakes, and schools have been able to meet every day this month. Who knows what lies ahead! Hey, that weather comment sort of mirrors our election, so I should add "and who knows what lies are ahead." (That is just how my mind works. It doesn't mean I think the current political transition is funny.
       My plan for this week, New Year's weekend and the first full weekend of January is to do a review of favorite photos this year, ones I have made. I won't be posting on my blog next Sunday, mainly because it is a busy time for everyone and who would have time to read it!  And, quite frankly, perhaps my loyal readers need a break as well!

        Today I have pulled some of my favorite portraits in 2016, and they will be showing up  chronologically. My apologies if this turns out to be confusing in any way. I don't like to give full names of anyone, unless they are used to publicity, because we all know who we are and there's no need for anyone else to know someone's full name, i.e. I'm a privacy nut in a world that can feel trusting and way too transparent. Anyway, enjoy!

Peg's rescue donkey

Bonnie and her trucks and garden and wonderful sense of humor

Jamie at work in our hay
    Both children who follow were at a rally for equality, held at the Rowan County Arts Center in Morehead.

my grandaughter, waiting for her teacher dad to be dunked, at a school fundraiser picnic, not sure if the whole thing is OK

up close and personal with a pre-schooler

Bill and June, both looking like their wonderful selves

the featured artist at the Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead last summer: MARK FRANCIS

my poet friend, Melva, with her chocolate, at the Fuzzy Duck in Morehead

another skilled artist, only 5 years old, my grandson, Will

Will's dad, my son, Eric, and a repaired ankle that barely slowed him down at all

one of many photos I like of Will's sister, Audrey, in school

the beloved and incomparable doctor, Ed Scott, because he was about to retire
   This last photo was taken of Will and Audrey and their maternal cousin, Avery, by their dad, who commented on the family Instagram that grownups seemed now no longer totally necessary! Avery has been staying with them for a couple of wonderful weeks while Avery's young brother had some surgery.  
     Actually, it's family that is wonderful. I find a good way to end this post is by sharing a Christmas moment on this blog. And with all best wishes and thanks to my viewers, no matter where in the world you live.

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  1. It's nice to make your list! Merry merry and happy new year! xoxo